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  • lighting?

    OK. I need better lighting. So, I go into one of those big home do it yourself stores & am totally overwhelmed. What have you found to be the best lighting? Type of bulbs?

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    Those long tube flourescent ones

    Ya can't have enough good lighting IMO. Those black doggies are hard to see.


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      I just added a shop light above my table with normal fluorescent bulbs it made a world of difference .My eyes are very light sensitive so I had to go with comfort as well as being able to see and these do not hurt my eyes


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        I agree with Jenn.

        The one addition I would make to her suggestion is to take into account the height of your ceilings. If they are on the high side, consider suspending the lights from chains, allowing you to drop them closer to the action below.

        And make sure there is one bank of lights overhead to illuminate each side of a dog.


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          I have a shop light above my table, on chains, with one pink, and one daylight bulb in it. The different color spectrum sure makes a difference. They have bulbs that are made for photog studios they ar great . I also have a 'daylight' floor lamp that has a goose neck so i can angle it at the hard to see areas. Big lots has them for about $30 ,good for sewing too.
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            I also have a single fluorescent bulb on the wall behind my table at the height of the dog's chest. I forget what "hue" of bulb is in it, but it is very easy on the eyes and does it ever help! <it's covered - not just a bare bulb>.


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              well, one thing for sure, I can't spell fluorescent. LOL

              In the mobile rigs the ceilings are similar height. The lights are on the sides of the rig near the high bubble top and some could have one in the middle but my A/C is there. Service men find it hard not to bump their heads as it is. Mobile can't have hanging suspended lights, because the ceilings don't permit it. I also have ceiling fans; two of those.