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  • Advice?

    I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible on this.

    A friend recently set me up with a job interview at a vets office. Its a really great place, they treat the animals well, and everyone there is really nice. Its 30 minutes from my home, and I would be working as a bather. I have been a bather/prepper for about a year now.

    Well I had an oral interview last Thursday, and I went around and met the staff, briefly the groomer. She did seem really nice but today when I went in for my working interview it was a whole different story.

    First, she bathed and dried the first dog to show me how its done in her shop. Pretty standard. I did the next two, but what I found weird was she put them both in the tub together because the other one wouldn't stop crying without her sister. I'm not sure i other people do this, but my former bosses didn't.
    So after I finished those two, she pulled out the little yorkie she did first and started grooming it. She got upset that the butt was dirty. She went on to say that SHE lifts the tail and scrubs, Now I will take the blame if I didn't meet her standards, but I didn't touch the dog. I promise. She got snotty with me, and when I tried to refresh her memory by asking if I had bathed that one, she made a snarky face and kept going.
    Then throughout the day it was just little things like I didn't check the drier timer, which I didn't know because I hadn't used cage driers like that, and just little things.
    She then asked if I wanted to prep for her too, that wasn't a problem. she told me to do the nails on a king charles, but the dog was struggling and I guess I missed a few nails. That WAS my fault.
    She pointed out every nail I missed, and how I didn't cut it close enough or straight enough.
    Well okay, those are her expectations, and I can respect that, but the thing that bothers me is in the 4 hours I was there trying to make small talk, the only things she said to me was if she was telling me to do something, or if she was telling me I did something wrong.
    Maybe my expectations are just too high, or maybe she was having a bad day.
    But I just have a bad gut feeling like I wont like working with her. She just isn't friendly and I need that in my work place.
    I know that there is PLENTY of wonderful people in this business and I feel like I can find somewhere, CLOSER to home, that I would like much better.
    This place is a great place, I just can't get along with the groomer. I did go in with a positive attitude, and left upset.

    Do you guys think I should stick around, or find a new place closer to home, with someone I can get along with?

    I can't drive a half an hour everyday somewhere that I don't want to go.
    I don't want to waste my time, and especially not theirs.
    I go back tomorrow, and I'm thinking of telling them I'm sorry, its just too far of a drive to go be with someone who acts like they don't want me there.
    Am I being unreasonable?

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    I forgot to add I feel obligated to stay because of my friend who set it up without consulting me. She emailed me that night telling me it was the next morning.


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      Go with your gut, this person is not going to lighten up. The 'friend' who set up the interview without first asking you is way over stepping boundarys !! You do not set up a puppy to fail so why would you set up a friend to fail / I got a bad vibe from this and I do not know you or your ' friend. RUN for the nearest exit, do not pass go, do not go to jail, just politley turn down this job. jmo Much luck finding the right place for you, on your own.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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        To be honest, I do this too. I don't mean to come across that way, but when I am grooming I am focused. I want my bather to do the job right so I can do my job right. If something isn't the way I like it or want it, I point it out as well. I don't have time to make small talk and honestly, I don't like to. I just want to focus on my work. It probably comes across as bossy and unfriendly. And slave driver-ish....

        After the dogs are done, I'm totally different.

        Maybe try not to take it personally. People have different personalities, and don't know they come across a certain way. Stick it out for a while and see. Maybe she's had a lot of ****** bathers that don't listen after a lot of training or something.


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          This is only my opinion, but I think you've answered your own question here. Your only sense of loyalty when choosing a job should be to yourself. If you're already having doubts about working here, then why would you continue on this track (with the hopes that it would get better)? You'll be working closely with this groomer, and she appears to be someone who is rather self-absorbed, and even snooty. I think if you take this position, you'll only stress yourself out daily dealing with this person. However, if you think she is truly a professional you could learn from, then perhaps it's worth the headache. I just wouldn't make plans to stay long term until you know how it will go.


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            Originally posted by Boogs View Post
            Do you guys think I should stick around, or find a new place closer to home, with someone I can get along with?

            Am I being unreasonable?
            No and No.

            Nothing against the groomer but it doesn't sound like she "plays well with others". I personally would be unhappy working with someone like that.

            I do bathe two dogs together ALL the time. I dry them together too.

            BTW I have a kitty named Boogs.
            "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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              Sure, I have groomed 2 dogs in the tub at the same time (NOT with my bathing machine though, EEWW...) But I ONLY do that if they are "family," as I would DIE if I found out someone bathed my dog with another dog. I don't want him near other dogs that I have no control over.

              As far as the dirty-butt yorkie, she forgot SHE did it? She sounds like she's too busy to train someone, that is my problem with her. You know, "Too busy sawing to stop and sharpen the saw."

              I would give it ONE more day, and then if she doesn't change, or isn't in a good mood, LEAVE. It's not worth it. But everybody is entitled to a bad day now and then.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                I agree that you should give it one more day. It could be that she has it in her mind that she should set up a professional relationship with you before starting a friendly one. And, like Siberianlover, I too get in the zone while working. I actually have worked with a few friends who have told me that I become a real jerk while I'm grooming. It's because I'm focused. I hate to say it but getting my clients in and out as fast, efficiently, and safely as possible while still making it a great experience for the dogs is more important to me then my current assistant's feelings (which could be why all my friends whine when I ask them to help me. =P). If I have to re-bathe a dog or go back and reclip its nails, this is added stress that the client doesn't need. Also, I've found that if you set your professional expectations before getting friendly people are less likely to get lax with their job. If you're friends first then there's that, "Oh, I'm just helping my friend out so doing it a little less then perfect is okay" mentality. Ya know what I mean?


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                  I think, if she was that nasty on the working interview, that things will only get worse from there. Didn't even seem like she tried to be nice/make a good impression.


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                    An interview is as much an chance for you to interview the employer as it is for them to interview you. A working interview isn't any different. It sounds like this job didn't meet expectations. I'd say move on unless your desperate. I took a job that had a similiar working interview when I was working as a CVT and things only got worse. I agree with another poster that said they are to focused to talk but for crying out loud it was one day. Would it of killer her to be polite and friendly for one shift? Lots of red flags to me. IMHO. Tell you friend the truth on how the interview went, but tell her you were thankful.


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                      I agree wholeheartedly w/ Odette. I couldn't have said it better.

                      And....I've never so "in the zone"...that I can't be pleasant to someone.

                      She doesn't sound very....[searching for the right word....] er..."balanced" to me.
                      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                        Thank you guys very much for your input
                        I do understand she was in the zone, BUT I just had my friend call me,
                        she heard through the grape vine that she wasn't being very pleasent to me. One of the women who work there said I was noticeabley uncomfortable, and she felt it was because of how stand offish the groomer was.
                        and my friend told me I should never feel obligated, she just wants me to find a great place to work.
                        One more try tomorrow,
                        Thank you guys for your input, I asked friends and family, but professional opinions are always more helpful because you guys understand this business.


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                          Originally posted by keyray View Post
                          BTW I have a kitty named Boogs.
                          My dogs nickname is boogs hahah


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                            maybe there has been a revolving door of bathers and she is "over" it. I do not like small talk when I work, hate it in fact, but that's why I sold and went mobile....alone !


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                              Originally posted by 4Sibes View Post
                              And....I've never so "in the zone"...that I can't be pleasant to someone.
                              Amen. And if this is the "zone" she gets into every day, do you really want to put up with that.

                              Another thing, whenever I am working with someone for the first time I am on my "best" behavior. So I think it is only going to go downhill from here.
                              "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce