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Sorry....Skinny dogs cont...

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  • Sorry....Skinny dogs cont...

    My computer is a peice of c**p!!! It posted to soon....
    As I was saying...she wanted them both shaved down. Underneath all of that hair they were skin and bone!! Hip bones and ribs sticking out! I was so appaled! The little guys were so good too. How do you all deal with this? What do you say? When she finally picked them up I said " now that they have all their hair off they look thin." She wasn't offended, but I don't think she got it. She is kind of a air head. She forgot about her dogs and picked them up 1 1/2 hrs late. I honestly think she just forgets to feed them.

    The first pic is of the boy before...i loved his bangs!
    I forgot to do a before of the girl.
    The second pic is after they were done(obviously) they were so tired I couldn't get them to stand to show their skinniness (I know, thats not a word he he)

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    We have so many of these people, I want to smack them upside the head. Backyard breeding vicious dogs, sick dogs, anything to make a buck. It's so hard to bite my tongue when they ask me if they know of anyone wanting to breed with their dog, or wanting one of their mutant puppies. I now reply "I'm sorry, we only support adopting from shelters so I wouldn't know."

    In my experience, all you can do is point out the obvious about the dog's condition, recommend a vet visit, and/or call the SPCA if it's severe enough. Smacking them upside the head does not appear to be an option, though it should be, lol.


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      sorry i dont know what is wrong with my comp... here are the pics (ihope)
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        What a flippin' idiot she is. God, of all the breeds for her to choose, as other posts have said, these dogs have soooo many problems. Plus the fact that she does not know what she is doing. I read the other day that with all of the continued problems with Cavaliers and the backyard breeding, they could literally become extinct within 30 years.

        Its hard to really tell from the pictures just how skinny they are, but I will take your word for it.


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          The first thing I do when I discover dogs that are really thin underneath all the hair is check their gums. If they're pale, I stop. A lot of these really thin dogs, other than the breeds that are supposed to be really thin, like Salukis, are anemic. And there's no way I'd continue grooming an anemic dog. Especially a Cavalier, when so many of them have dickie hearts.

          I also check for dehydration, and again, if they're dehydrated, I stop. For the same reasons. And if they're dehydrated AND pale, I panic.

          OK, so I don't actually panic. But I do get on the phone to the owner and put the fear of God into them.


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            I don't really know for sure because I didn't see them myself, but sometimes an unaltered dog will appear thinner but still be healthy, although, seeing ribs and hip bones on a Cavalier is probably too thin... I only say this because I have an afghan who is a retired show dog, unaltered, and she is ULTRA skinny, and everyone tells me she looks like she is starving, and it drives me NUTS!!! That dog eats like you wouldn't believe, never gains a pound. At one point, a VET of all people, told me my dog was sick, starving to death, etc etc, so I freaked out and ordered every single test in the book for her, costing $400 when it was all said and done. Well the tests came back... Nothing wrong with the dog. I talked to my mentor, and she laughed at me, told me I should have brought the dog to see her before spending all that money. Of course, my dog is an afghan, they are supposed to be thin to begin with, but I am just saying this because I have seen other breeds you wouldn't think of turn out to be very thin, because of being unaltered, even though there was nothing medically wrong with them. I guess my point is, even though these people are backyard breeders with no morals or sense of responsibility, don't assume the dogs are not fed. Because I have been on the other side of that, and it is really frustrating for me. I'm not trying to be critical or arguementative, this is just a really sore spot for me.



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              Ive had this problem

              I had a Peek come in for the first time and as I was putting my hands on that dog I felt the bones sticking out everywhere. Even through that huge coat. I immediatley looked at the owner and told her right out, this dog is too thin. she says, really? Im like yeah, you need to get the vet immediatley and find out why? I dont hold my tounge b/c, some people just dont know, that dog could have died. I also did the groom first so he would at least be clean for his visit to the doc. I felt bad, he was sweet. The owner said she had an appointment for two weeks from then, and i said, you gotta go now. dont wait two weeks. he was only 2, so its not like he was elderly. I had a horrible time trying to get him cut right b/c of the sagging skin and bones sticking out. when she came back she claimed she moved the appointment up, but we'll see. I made a note in the chart to make sure she brings proof that poochie went to the vet and has a clean bill of health before he comes back. oh, I forgot to mention that this adorable pup was kept OUTSIDE?? she probably didnt bother to feed him b/c when i shared my lunch with him, he ate it like mad. ALWAYS SPEAK UP FOR THE PET, HE CANT SPEAK FOR HIMSELF.


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                Helly- I did check the gums and for dehydration...they were both fine. Nice pink gums and the skin didn't stay up when I pulled it. I suppose they could be thin b/c of the unaltered factor, but not that thin. I hope the next time they're back they look better.


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                  I have a skinny Weim

                  & her son. Neither would keep weight until about a year ago. (they've both been altered for many years) And the Mom is still what I'd call thin. I have to raise my voice Eat!
                  I too am not one of these critical on skinny cause I've heard it before too. People will say "what a skinny dog" way before they say too fat in my experience. Two of my dogs are just skinny. Both active, happy- just not into food. I also have the daughter/sister & she's always been thick but not over fat.

                  (I may not have seen all of the post but) their coats look shiney. How were their teeth?