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    Hello all...

    Just curious what everyone is using for High Quality High Volume Dryers. Haven't had much luck with the ones we are using now.

    Thanks in advance

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    The best HV I have ever used is a Circuiteer II. It's actually supposed to be the same dryer as a K9 II, but I've had one of each, and the Circ has more power and dries in less time.

    I even asked the manufacturer's rep what the difference is, and after exchanging that "look" with his coworker, and giving me that smirky smile, he said they're the same. I don't know, but usually when you see that look and the smirky smile it means "I know something you don't, but I'm not tellin'."


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      I have a k9 III and the double K challenge Air. The k9 is VERY loud but is great for blowing lots of water off big long haired fluffies fast. The Doublek heats up a bit and is actually better for actual drying then the k9.

      On all the smaller dogs we use the double K. On the big fluffies we use the k9 to blow the water off and all the shedding hair out, then when the dog is just damp we change to the doubleK for the heat and faster drying and straightening.

      I could easily live without my k9 but I dont ever want to live without the doubleK.. only problem is the DoubleKs seem to die fairly quickly (every 3 yrs or so for me)


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        I have an older k9II when I say old I mean its about 20 yrs old, I purchased it used about 8-9 yrs ago we have replaced both motors(years apart) for less than the cost of a new dryer still works great for longevity K9 last a long time with minor part replacements