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Standard poodle rescues in or near PA?

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  • Standard poodle rescues in or near PA?

    My friend called me yesterday and told me she really needs to get rid of her st. poo. Margo will be 6 in April, and my friend has had housebreaking issues with her ever since she has had her from about a year old. She (my friend) is going through a very rough time as well with her mother very ill with congestive heart failure, one of her friend`s daughters just committed suicide a month ago, and several other deaths in her family since Dec. And my friend herself has Chrone`s disease and is constantly battling the effects from that. This poor woman has had such bad luck in the past 10 years I could write a book about it, but I`ll stop there.

    While I love my friend to death, I kind of think the dog only acts this way for her, since I have watched the dog on 2 seperate occasions, and she never did a thing wrong except get a little too excited over my cats. Her sister, who also watches the dog, has had no potty issues with her either, but she does have a doggy door, and Margo likes to go out at 3 am and bark. She is very barky, but I feel this is an issue that can be easily resolved as well. Other than that Margo is VERY loving, and is excellent for grooming. I even competed with her once, and she stood like a trooper even though it was her first grooming competition. We didn`t place, but it wasn`t her fault, I kind of bit off a little more than I could chew that time, I guess you could say.

    Anyhow, I would love to give her a try, but DH says no. A couple years back we had 3 older dogs who developed potty issues, and cost lots of money in meds, etc, and it was a very stressful time in the house. Things are settled now, and he does not want to knowingly take a dog that has issues. I guess I can`t blame him, but I`m not going to press it. On top of DH having cancer, one of our cats (his special cat, Sluggo) was killed on the road on Monday night, and we are both still grieving.

    So I told my friend I would try to locate a rescue for her, and maybe post about her here in the hopes that maybe someone would like to take her on. She needs someone who spends more time with her, as my friend is always on the go and the dog is home by herself a lot. She probably just needs started over from the beginning, crate training, lots of potty breaks, etc. If anyone can help, has any rescue info, etc, please let me know. TIA