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  • Back to grooming....?!

    Hi everyone,

    I used to frequent this place a lot but early year after an international move and being a bit burnt out after working a bit too hard... I wondered if I wanted to keep grooming (Sore hands, tired, noisy dogs...) so I tried a few other things - none of them worked out. I tried dental nursing (AAAARRRGGHH) which was terrible, shop work which was boring and a couple of other things. Turns out I love the constant pace of grooming and get really bored with anything else.... uhoh!

    I am now about to move again to Surrey and after seeing several advertisments for groomers, found myself falling in love with the idea of grooming again.

    Even contemplated starting my own business which I never had done before. Only prob is that I don't like working on my own, and although my father wants me to start a mobile business - I can't drive yet Something for the future.

    I am just tentitively touching back to base with groomers and my interest is returning daily.

    I am just wondering how many groomers took a break from it and returned?
    Secondly... I am in the UK, my home, after grooming in the States and Australia. Things seem to be a bit different here and I am just wondering if there are any major differences between the UK and elsewhere and whether the UK groomers have been able to make enough to live comfortably (not a lot, just enough!)

    (Also wouldn't mind a job that finally allows me to get a pup of my own. Motivation or what)

    So hello again guys and hopefully I will have a nice new job in the next few months, preferably in grooming!

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    Hi there! Welcome back to the grooming world!

    I guess I can`t say I ever really took a break from grooming, but I went from full time to part time, and for awhile to VERY part time. For probably almost 2 years, I was very burnt out on grooming, and really didn`t want to do it at all anymore. We needed the money, though, and I found a job grooming for a private breeder, so there were no time constraints, very very few "problem" dogs, no public to deal with, etc. It was very relaxing and paid very good money, and I REALLY needed that at the time. I think it helped me heal from all the burnout of shop grooming.

    I still have this job, and I love it, but I also work in a shop situation at a boarding/grooming facility again. While I once again have the stresses involved in shop grooming, I only work 2 or 3 days a week (more if I want to), which makes it much more bearable for me. I probably would have quit grooming altogether, at least for awhile, but shifting it down into first gear during that burnout period helped tremendously, and I am again excited about this industry, and can`t wait for Groom Expo to roll around every year. I am even going to enter the Double K grooming contest, lol!!!


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      I left my grooming business once to help my husband in his business. He needed somone with a personal interest to manage one of the larger accounts (and the employess). I was away from grooming for about 6yrs. The clients I had, I referred to other groomers in the area.

      While I was away from the business I often had clients call and ask "couldn't I just do little Precious on the weekend?" I usually refused. Eventually we found someone else to take my place in my husbands business so I returned to grooming.

      I did miss it. I started out slow, 2-4 week. Now I am working full time. Fortunately, I klept all of my tools and equiptment (and added a few!) I do not regret my decision. I guess I am just a groomer at heart! Tho' my body is not liking this work so much anymore, I still do!

      I think if I were you, I might try working for someone and seeing if this is really for you. Maybe after a while you can decide about going out on your own.

      Good luck,


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        When I think back to when I began in this business.... Yea, I have taken breaks here and there. I have always groomed some though, even a few in my apartment(s). I have always come back to it, I believe if it is in your blood, you cannot stay away for too long! I have several degree's in other areas, worked in many different occupations but always kept my hand in it. It can be stressful for some but take it easy and you will find your way.

        At one point in time I was grooming 3 days a week, worked at a hospital, nursing 3 days a week. Talk about different occupations.. it worked for me just fine then. I got the best of both worlds.


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          Im in Aberdeen (Scotland) & have been grooming here for 8+ years, previously groomed in the US for 8 years.
          If you wanna email me im happy to chat etc, just google Watt-a-dog grooming for my website/email etc