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1099 Nightmare any suggestions

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    Yes, as Stephen said, CA is VERY high- my FIL pays $1500/yr for his civil engineering company.


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      I just recently filed for an LLC but like someone said earlier there is a lot of paperwork to it. I went the easy route and let LegalZoom do it for me - got it back in less than 10 days. They filed for my fed tax id and everything and it cost me $587 (base fee of $359 plus state fee plus registered agents fee). As Stephen said each state sets their own fees so it could be more or less for where you live and the fee of whomever you chose as your registered agent.

      But back on topic, I'm glad that I researched on and off this forum about employee vs. IC because I have an employee and want to do things the right way. I'm so glad that this forum is here and everyone is willing to help each other.


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        Tat2ed groomer. You need to FIRE your accountant & get one that is NOT going to get you in trouble. The IRS is nobody to screw around with. Stephen that gave you advice is the site owner and been involved with many a groomer audit by the IRS. Get a NEW accountant, girl. I'm serious. It is not worth it to try to educate the one you are paying. Obviously he does not know what he is doing.
        "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
        People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me