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    Might sound strange but petsmart has a brush that rembles the le pooch. The only thing that I have found wrong with it that there is not very stiff. It does well as, what I call a finishing brush, when u are getting the dog ready for delivery, & in cases a not real heavly matted coat. Price in our area:G'vile,SC $10. Check it out c what u stink

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    Knock-off brush

    My guess is that this brush is similar to the one the PetEdge sells for about $ 8-$9. It is a knock-off of the pricey LP brushes.

    I was anxious to try it a few yrs. ago when they first came out. I doesn't do a very good job. You can't compare the two at all. You definitely get what you pay for in a LP brush, any of the styles (colors). Try to save your tip $$ to purchase one, it may take awhile but you will definitely appreciate it when you get the real thing!

    I use the cheaper model to clean the hair off of one of my floor mats. It does have a nice soft grip on the handle, however.