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Have a chance to rent a salon shoudl I?

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  • Have a chance to rent a salon shoudl I?

    Well I have a home grooming salon a small room with a tub, table and 4 crates. I have a chance to move down the street for $350 a month plus water and electric. It was a hair salon, has a retail area with reception station, grooming area and area in the back for washing and drying. I have not really done much advertising but to make up for paying the rent I would need to get some more customers. The rent is cheap and the place is what I have dreamed of! I live in a small town and I have around 300 + clients right now, maybe with some advertising I could get some from the next town over. Any advice would be great!

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    Only do it if you really want to work more, have all the extra cleaning and expenses and spend little time at home...lolol. Salons are a lot of work. Sounds like a great opportunity though.


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      To be honest if you already have a client list of 300 + you should have no issues with keeping afloat.I started out in a completely new area 0 clientele when I opened my shop I have yet to have 300 clients to date but I have only been open 7 months,However the list is growing monthly.Being as I was already in your shoes when opportunity knocked I'd have to say go for it.Believe me finding rent that low is almost impossible to find..


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        This is a big decision. I have owned several smaller business' and worked for many others over the years. This salon we have now, we opened with zero clientele in the area. I had a few about 45 minutes away where I used to work who would not let anyone else touch their pet... we have been open for about 4 1/2 yrs now, have a clientele of about 2800 - 3000 (that is the owners not the pets, many owners have multiple pets) we did not advertise. Only the small local paper ran a small piece about us, they run pieces about any new business that opens though.

        Our business has been word of mouth, the Vets know us and we get tons of referrals from them. We opened with just my husband & I, figured projections of about a yr to look for a part time person.. within 3 months we were looking for help. We now have 2 full time groomers (besides me) and one part time groomer, 2 bathers.

        We began with hours of M-S 7:30am - ?... eventually cut back to closing time of 5pm, now we close on other day.. I needed a day to get things done outside the salon...LOL


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          Thanks for all your words of wizdom! I will let ya know.