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  • Divalicious...

    I just had to tell this story to people who would appreciate it.

    I was at a middle school career fair today for all the middle schools in my area. I had a display table and some of my tools, a small table for putting Cameo on and of course, Cameo.

    There were nearly 2000 kids, plus adults and all the people that were there displaying.

    The kids were amazed with Cameo and they all wanted to touch, stroke, and play with her hair. She is in a modified cont. right now and one girl asked me...

    "what are those divalicious booty balls for?" I nearly CRACKED up!!! Well, after composing myself (as all of the kids nearby had to do also), I explained the historic purpose of the "divalicious booty balls" and the girl seemed satisfied but they were all giggling and laughing at the comment as was I (only privately, lol)

    Just a cute lil story... KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS

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    Love it!! Kids , are so open...sigh, wish we could recapture some of it. Glad you had a good day , sounds like fun . I had the opptotunty to work with the dare program years ago, the kids were so impressed with the dogs ability to find the"drugs" Then I would take my schutzhund dog and show them an off leash obeidience routine. It was always fun.
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      Too funny! I will have to remember that one. Thanks for sharing .
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        Lmao omg thats great..From now on when I do a continental trim I am going to think of this thread


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          I just may start referring to them as "Divalicious Booty Balls". Hee hee
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            That is THE BEST thing I have heard all month! I am SOOOO gooona steal that one and use it! LOVE IT!!
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              Out of the mouth of babes. We can learn a lot from them if we only listen. I love it! I'll never think of pom poms the same way.


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                That is so cute!