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Doggy daycare as solo business

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  • Doggy daycare as solo business

    Was wondering if anyone had any info on doggy daycare as a solo business, not an ad on. I've been considering it since hubby doesn't want to groom and told me he's pretty sure he'll be jobless in 90 days. I know it would be something he could help me with. I know a lot depends on expenses but I know around here DDC is really popular. Where I worked before they had DDC and there would be anywhere from 15-25 dogs there a day and they charged more than $20 a day. I'm trying to think outside the box here, just tossing out ideas and I need to know if they are foolish or worth persuing. I thought it could be eventually and retail, but I know a lot goes into retail and it's a large up front investment if I want a lot of it. I know some of the DDC around here hire trainers to also teach obedience classes. With a big open space I could also invite speakers to give classes locally and have plenty of room. I could offer grooming on certain days and park the mobile there. I'm just really thinking outloud. I haven't crunched any numbers, looked at what local rent is going for or anything like that. I just want to know if it's even doable really before I put a lot of work into it.
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    daycare is big around here ... I would be interested to hear responses to this.

    My daycare is building steadily, but I'm running out of indoor space & would hate to turn away daycare clients... thinking of adding on to my building. As much as I love grooming, it would be nice to have something else to support myself & business w/out being chained to my table everyday.


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      There is a DDC in my town that is part of a national franchise and they do a great business.

      Here is the link to their site :


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        I worked at one for one week. The woman who ran it was totally batty (and not worth a long commute for minimum wage) but she was making enough to have three part time staff member. She offered day care, kennel stays, and agility training in the evening twice a week. No grooming or retail. She rented a warehouse space with a smaller fenced area at the front for the little dogs, then a 100x100 space for the big dogs (big enough for agility competition), a kennel room in the back for the overnighters and out back there was a smallish yard. The day was basically rotating big dogs and little dogs in and out. If you can handle being in charge of a large pack of dogs and can get enough regulars you shouldn't have to big of an issue making a living at it.


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          I would be very interested in knowing more about this too as running a doggy day care is a long term dream of mine. Now to find the money... different story