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Cocker Spaniel Breeders??

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  • Cocker Spaniel Breeders??

    Does anyone know of a good cocker spaniel breeder in northern IL?
    My neighbor just lost her 9 year old randomly after the dog was given vaccinations, they are very upset but approached us today about getting a puppy. They have everything ready, just missing the pup! They are just looking for a pet pup..
    Please PM me if you know anyone!

  • #2 (I hope that is right). I believe she is based in Minnesota, but she has some beautiful chocolate cockers.


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      I have a client who is a breeder and has two litters due around Easter. You can PM me for the info.


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        You can go to the American Spaniel Club website. Click on breeders, and they have them listed by state.
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          Well, I know that in Wisconsin, there's Shorewood Cocker Rescue, out of the Madison area, and Marktime is Osseo, WI for those that I can personally speak for.
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