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I get another chance at my dream!

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  • I get another chance at my dream!

    Let me begin by saying I had wanted to start grooming/open my own grooming salon for awhile. Well the perfect time came along in Dec when I was laid off. =) Well I could not come up with the money to go to school. Well I tried everything had just about given up on my dream and I was gonna have to go back to working for some unapreciated butt head of a boss.

    As a last ditch effort I contact Renee from Cameo Pet Spa. I have found my angel! Renee has agreed to do a apprenticeship program with me and teach me to groom. I do not know if she even realizes how great a gift this is. I get to follow my dream, have met a one of the most generous kind persons on earth.

    I hope to be able to pay this gift forward one day, and hope everyone that reads this follows in Renee's footsteps and mentors someone because you want to truly give something back to the industry that has provided for you.

    Thanks Renee! Words can not express my gratitude.

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    Good for you!

    I've been there! Last spring I was able to say goodbye to 17yrs of night shift factory work. I truely love love love my job!


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      That is great! So glad you get to finally follow your dream!


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        Diane, it is MY PLEASURE to help you fulfill your dream. I would say more, but honestly, I'm speechless. No one has ever said such nice things about me.


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          Congratulations! Im not surprised one little bit that NeaNea would give someone an opportunity like that. Renee is a fabulous groomer and a wonderful human being. She has been a valuable contributor to our industry (and my own personal self).

          ....and NeaNea.... Ive said that before - obviously you missed the post!

          /cue online stalker music
          Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
          George Sand (1804 - 1876)


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            PF, you are always such a positive person and a great influence! You've never spoke an unkind word about anyone on this board and I highly respect you for that. We are all better people for knowing you

            Thanks again for speaking so kindly of me.


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              I'm so happy you've found someone to help you out with an apprenticeship. You didn't give up on your dream and it paid off...

              Very nice of you Nea Nea.


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                WOW thats terrific!!! Im happy for you!! I know exactly how you feel.although I am grooming by myself now-I wish I were working under someone to give me guidance. I'm flying by the seat of my pants (have been most of my life lol) but no, you are truly blessed and I'm happy for you!!!