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Salon Brochure, help needed!

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  • Salon Brochure, help needed!

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to create a salon brochure, 3-fold style, with information about our grooming and bathing services. I work at an animal hospital, so I think it will be a useful marketing tool to have a brochure that can be picked up and browsed through in the waiting areas, or handed out during Dr. appointments. Does anyone have a brochure they are willing to share to help me decide layout, design, and content?

    Thank you!
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    I've only attempted this once and then I lost the file months ago, just recently came across the only copy printed. So I don't have anything to show you but I can tell you what was on it. On the front I just had our name, address/phone, drawing of a dog, slogan/mission, back had email and mailing addys, first page open has pricing with a definite asterisk saying all prices are estimates because I couldn't fit much on it, and opened up I stated my policies and other useful stuff like information about puppies. I found that for what I did it's just not enough space. I think I'll redo it before printing and just do pricing and packages. A little about us and stuff like that. I already have a pet release form and policies handout that I give to every customer and the content is basically the same.

    Another thing to remember if you`re getting these professionally printed full colour usually costs more than one or two colours.. I try to stick to two colours to keep it simple. I used black and burgundy(logo colour) on white paper.


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      template help

      What program are you using to make the brochure? I can probably come up with a template for you to use.


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        I recently designed one for myself. Still going through the final stages of editing but if you PM me your email address I can send it to you. It's the three fold design and I work at a vet hospital and everything.


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          I can give you an example of mine if you PM me (too big to attach here).
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            I sent my brochure out to a few people. If anyone else is interested in seeing it, just let me know in PM. As a tip, I got the very basic line template (it shows you the boundaries of the text for proper printing) on Vistaprint and then made my brochure in Adobe Illustrator. It shouldn't be much harder to make it in a program like Word. I got all the images on mine from so they're all paid for and used legally. It's a pet peeve of mine when I see business prints with images obviously just copied off of someone else's website!


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              I've got one that I use...

              Each of the 6 panels has a different thought. I've used this sort of thing ever since I went mobile, but even before then in my salon/school. Too big to send as an attachement here. I use Works to create and insert lot so of photos...


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                Vistaprint has some great idea that Ellen from Go Mobile and Succeed gave me was to print out my website, put it in a clear binder and leave it in the waiting room of vets. Maybe if you have a good website already detailing your services, you could do the same...just make sure you write "office copy" on it so people don't walk away with it!!!