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  • SC Get-together

    Are you guys still interested? The plan is for a get-together at the National Cat Groomers School in downtown Greenville this Friday the 12th at 6:30pm.

    Originally we were going to do a dinner but perhaps we can just go down the street to Smoke on the Water or someplace like that. Lots of places to eat downtown.

    Everyone let me know what they want to do. I'd love for you all to come tour the school and then we can chill out for awhile and eat some good food.

    I need to get my ducks in a row on this asap so waiting to hear from ya'll.

    address is:
    701 Pendleton St.
    Greenville 29601

    We are a couple of blocks from Greenville High and the Fluor Field - toward West Greenville's art district.

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    This Friday isn't going to work for me. Son is headed to Fla for spring break & I have to go and get my grand-dog who will be spending the week with me. Hope he has better manners this time, last time he stayed with me, he ate a hole in my mattress,,,lol


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      Thanks for letting me know, Rudy. Sorry you can't make it.
      I guess we will call it off since there have been like 31 views and you are the only one to RSVP.
      I have such a busy schedule that I need to know now if I need to devote some time to this or not.
      Will try again in the future perhaps.

      Hope your mattresses survive the week!


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        Sorry, only just saw this Wed pm at 2:30.


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          Get together?

          Is this still happening? I'd love to tour your school. My business partner set through all your seminars at the APF and applied to your school last night. Let me know if not I'd still like to tour the school.


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            Hey Zeph,
            I would have loved to do the get-together at the school but so far I think you are the only one who would be coming. I am still game to pull it off if everyone wants to come. I just need to know asap as I have alot going on right now and need to commit to it one way or the other.

            If you guys want to make it simple by just meeting at the school for a tour, then we could do dinner at one of the restaurants nearby. Give me a head count guys, asap!


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              Sorry, needed at least a week's notice to line up the other two that were gonna come with me, and didn't find out until yesterday; I am off today, and tomorrow is too late to line them up; sorry, maybe next month.


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                I guess will wait till next time. Doesn't look like this is going to happen tomorrow.


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                  Sorry, I just saw this posting. Haven't been on much this week as I have actually been SLEEPING IN.....woo

                  This weekend wouldn't have worked for me either.
                  SheilaB from SC