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  • more info on "wow wow WOW"

    The date is set for March 19th for shooting the piece. I found out some more about exactly how they do it. The segment is called "Annie on the Job" and from the sounds of it the segment is kind of like "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe, except she doesn't just do jobs that will get you dirty LOL! But what she does do is go to a job site, have someone show her how to do the job, then she tries to do it herself. Hence the reason they wanted to supply their own dog! So I will be showing her different things and then she will be trying to do them herself. It sounds like fun, and I've got plenty of equipment I don't mind her using. They wanted to film it on Monday but after putting Tawney to sleep my heart just wasn't into it and they were kind enough to schedule for a later date. I don't know how we are going to fit the news person, the camera man, and me in my van, but I guess we'll figure it out! Shooting it on Friday it should air the following Wednesday and if they put it online I will post a link.
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    Sounds like fun, I hope they elect a normal dog to do so people can see we don't just play with puppies!
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