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  • Stressful Grooming

    Ever have that grooming that makes you so stressed you sigh in relief when it leaves! This dog in particular is a 12 week old yorkie puppy, cute as a button. He was born with a hole in his heart, and any time he is stressed he blood starts pooling in his lungs and he coughs like mad. I was terrified I was going to give him a heart attack. His story is even sadder. He came from a backyard breeder. And a Parrot rescue!?! took him and a few other puppies from the breeder to "adopt" (sell).
    He wasn't checked by a vet, and owner paid $250 for this puppy. No neuter contract or adoption contract. And the rescue said he had a cold and gave new owner antibiotics. Well of course the owner was concerned and took him to the vet where they did x-rays and saw how bad the heart was.
    He was super matted, I had to shave down this tiny 3 pound puppy, first groom. But he was such a tough guy about it. I refuse to post pictures, the finish job was embarrassing. I had no idea how to restrain a 3 pound heart failure puppy for his first groom!

    Luckily the owner didn't mind and was happy to see him clean. I was able to save his face and gave him a cute yorkie head so owner was happy. I'm still stressing about this groom! The poor groomer called the rescue and they refuse to help her or return calls, they gave her the breeders number and the breeders response is if they return the puppy she can give them a new one IF she gets another puppy worth $250! I told her to contact the media and get this story out.
    Ugh sorry for the rant, just wanted to get that off my chest with people that understand!

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    Oh my goodness! Bless you for taking care of this poor baby. Is there anything the vet can do for him?
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      Please tell me that they think it's a joke if she gets another puppy worth $250, and that it's a small amount, for example she probably really deserves one worth $500 but if she wants to "trade this one in" she can get one that is the equalivent of $250.

      Shaking head. Why. Why don't people just go get a dog at the shelter???

      Anyway, good for you for doing the job and taking care understanding the dogs health issues.

      Don't know if I qualified the above correctly, but my point is...who in the hell sells a dog "worth" $250? If it's a quality pure bred dog from good stock, it should be more than this. Obviously a back yard breeder. And if people want to buy from those dumbasses they should do everyone a favor and not get a pet.

      Sorry, annoyed, but it sounds like you did the best you could given the circumstances.


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        The sick part about it was that she thought she was adopting the dog, granted from a parrot rescue, but the rescue does have what is that 501c status. Then rescue turns around and says talk to the breeder!? I told her she needs to contact the humane society and the media about this rescue, they may be adopting birds out, but they are currently puppy brokers as well.

        As of right now Vet can only monitor puppy, puppy may out grow some of the enlargement. It could die tomorrow or live for years, I told owner to just treasure every day and treat puppy like it has every chance in the world.


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          Bless you for doing what you can, but seriously you shouldn't be grooming this dog unless you work for a vet. Think of how badly you'll feel when something happens, and you don't have access to oxygen and drugs that could save this baby's least for a little while.


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            Helly, I would agree sending the dog to be groomed at a vet office would be ideal but there are no groomers that work out of vet office within quite a distance, I'm in a very rural area and good small animal vets are few and far between too, large animal vets are a dime a dozen though! In my area there are more horse farriers and cattle farriers than dog and cat groomers LOL! Before I was a dog groomer I was a CVT so fortunately for my own dogs and my grooming clients, I have training in emergency situations. But unfortunately I do not have an oxygen tank laying around my salon... That little yorkie could of used it just as much as I could of, lol.