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OT- So excited about my loldog!

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  • OT- So excited about my loldog!

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with loldogs and lolcats...basically pictures of animals with captions but I browse icanhascheezburger and ihasahotdog pretty frequently. They're ran by a local Seattle company. I was very excited today when the company contacted me asking if they could use a picture that I uploaded of my Calypso on their site for a line of greeting cards they're putting out! They're sending me all the info today so I can look it over. I'm just very excited about my girl's little piece of fame.

    I attached the picture. Not familiar with the new system so hopefully it works!
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    do you know what the caption is going to be?


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      Wow, that is exciting

      I love those things, they make me smile all the time.
      Or laugh out loud when nobody knows what I am laughing at makes them wonder!
      You will have to let us know of the line they want to use and if you decide to go for it!
      I think that is a great thing



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        She's SOOOOO cute "dressed" that way

        hummmm, wonder what she will have to say on the card, hehe


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          She looks so pretty! She's going to be famous!


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            That is so cute, I'm curious to know what the caption will say, too. I love those websites, but I feel like the biggest nerd ever when I'm looking at them. I always thought my mom's chihuahua, Tiki, would be great for one of those as well. Especially these pics...
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              Um, I'm not sure what the caption would be. She was on the front page of for a while. I can't remember exactly what the caption was but it was something like, "George really regretted going out drinking with the cat last night". I'll let y'all know as soon as I do.


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                This is the link to the captioned one that was popular: