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  • A little pep talk

    Over the weekend I as browsing through the channels on my TV, and stumbled across the HBO movie "Temple Grandin." I'd never been inclined to watch it in the past, because I knew the name, and have had it thrown in my face by animal rights activists in the past. It didn't really sound like something I wanted to watch. But nothing else grabbed my interest, and I gave it a chance. After all, if I didn't like it, I could always throw something at the TV and change the channel.

    I was SOOOOOO wrong. What an amazing story! What an amazing human being. For those of you who may not have heard the name before, Temple Grandin is an autistic woman who not only managed to obtain her Phd in animal science, she designed more humane ways of housing and handling livestock which is in use in over half of the stock yards in this country, and I'm sure more will be added as old plants fall into disrepair and need to be upgraded.

    The animal rights activists are wrong, too. Templin Grandin is NOT opposed to the raising of animals for food. She just thinks that what's good for the animals is also good business. One of the recurring themes in the movie "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be. We raise cattle for us. We owe them some respect. They should have a comfortable life, and a pain free death."

    But what made a bigger impression on me was the other recurring theme. "Different. But not less."

    How many of us go through life not only feeling different, but somehow less than those around us? We have members who have discussed their mental illnesses. Those of us with a mental illness fight that perception our whole lives. But I'm hear to tell you, folks.......

    We are different. But we are NOT LESS!

    How many of us face ridicule from family because of the path we've chosen? How many times does someone ask why we don't get a real job? You know it happens far too often. Here's something you can say back to those ignorant folks....

    I am different. But I am NOT LESS!

    Let's all take up that call. There are far too many people who need to hear it. We are ALL different. But NONE OF US ARE LESS!

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    I had forgotten about her, what a wonderful way she has. Glad it made tyou feel better.
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      You rock Helly!


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        I watched that movie a few weeks ago. Loved it.
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          That was an awesome and very moving movie!


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            I saw her on Larry King a few weeks ago. Great show; I saw several books she wrote available online at Borders or Amazon. In the interview she said that she was born before autism was recognized, and the doctors told her parents to institutionalize her and give up.

            Her life story is really amazing.

            Her website is very interesting too. Here is a page from her site that I bookmarked but haven't gotten around to reading yet:

            Lots of good articles on her site for those that want to read some articles that delve deeper into understanding animals from a different perspective.


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              I've heard wonderful things about the movie,and have been waiting to see it too. I did see Temple Grandin on a tv interview show ,and thought ,this is a fascinating woman, . In a society which seems to value "Looks" and Materialism above all, I hope the stories are told of more and more amazing women,and men,who are outside the "mold" And I agree with the philosophy wholeheartedly of raising animals for food,as long as their lives ,and deaths are humane. I refuse to be anyone but myself, and am quite different than others in my family. They love me anyway,quirks and all!
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                I saw that. I LOVED it! A story not to be believed! This woman changed our world against all odds. I was glued to it from start to finish. Watch it if you can. Temple is truly a hero in my eyes.


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                  I'm ashamed to say that I have never even heard of her or the movie, but I am intrigued enough to look into it now!

                  Great post Helly. I love it when I watch a movie or read a book and it makes me feel so inspired or like I have had an epiphany
                  SheilaB from SC


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                    I believe

                    I think I read about her in an Oliver Sacks book years ago, but he did not identify her at that time. It was fascinating that she felt a kinship with the animals that was translated into her work.

                    When I saw the movie trailer, I realized that she was the one profiled.

                    Autism is not always the same "locked-in" world that it used to be, which is wonderful.


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                      Wow, great post, Helly. Again.
                      "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
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                        oooooooo k.....thhhanks


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                          Temple is an amazing woman thats for sure. Ive seen documentaries about her but I didnt know there was a movie. Im going to keep my eye out for it.
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                            I heard about her when I read the book " The Man Who Talks To Horses" He had great praise for her. Personally I would rather be different than considered "normal".....and yes...not less. I've been to hair wholesale stores and womens business network workshops and been talked about....oh she's JUST a groomer. Things like that hurt and for a while you do feel....less until you give yourself a pep-talk. Places like this and people like you make a difference in raising our self esteem. Years ago you were on your own and had to overcome these things by yourself. It's been people who are different that have changed the world.


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                              She is an amazing woman! She has the same type of autism my grandson has, Aspergers. They are intellectually BRILLIANT, but socially unaware. She changed the world for cattle, my grandson is going to change the world someday too, I just know it!