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  • New job as a bather

    I just got a call from a nearby pet-something and they are going to hire me on as a bather. Any advice for a newbie?The only real wardrobe requirement is that I wear black pants and close toed shoes so I was wondering if you had any suggestions as far as what you like to wear to work (waterproof shoes, synthetic fabrics etc) that make your job easier/more comfortable?

    I met with the head groomer and she was very nice, friendly, and funny and has been grooming for several years. She gave me a tour of their facilities and a basic rundown on what I should expect and what she expects of me. I think it will be a good match for me and I would definitely trust them with my dog.

    I probably will end up doing their grooming program and supplement it with self education so advice on books/dvds to buy eventually would be great. Obviously I will be bathing for several months first so there isn't really a rush, but if I have plenty of time then I have time to find them second hand! The Jodi Murphy DVDs are raved about on here so they are in my future at some point. I also plan on attending the trade show in October if at all possible.

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    If it is the "Smart" PetSomething their clothing requirements also do not allow Crocs. I would buy waiter's shoes (sneakers with leather waterproofing) and wind-pants. Buy the most cost effective things you can get at first before spending big bucks on the special grooming apparel before you know 100% that you're going to do this. Oh and if you have long hair wear it up, I got mine caught in a dremel once (long story) and man did it hurt!

    Congrats on your new job!
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      I only have one word for the bathing part of our jobs NYLON. It dries the quickest but they will probably supply an apron, still if you can get nylon clothes all the better. I find any kind of comfortable tennis shoe works fine. JMO