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    This is Buddy... a Bischon Shitzu... I don't see any Bischon. Just thought I would share this pic... he has the most crooked front legs.. always a bit of a challenge to do... he always gives me little kisses in between trying to dislocate his leg while trying to get away!! I love his ears short... it suits him.. he's such a "boy!"

    Do any of you do some real crooked leg dogs? I know you do.. do you find it frustrating or just comical!
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    I see a lot of lhasa's with legs that look like that but not shitzu's. He has such a cocky little look on his face but you made him look really cute.


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      We do a bunch of lhasas with the...crooked leg syndrome, lol, but not many shihtzus. Actually I do one teeny tiny shihtzu that both front legs are reaaally crooked. Boy is that a pain in the butt to shave!
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        I get some crooked legs too. Its hard to scissor them sometimes, especially when you are doing a longer trim and they dont let you mess with the front legs.
        He does look like he has a "tude" LOL


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          When I see a dog with legs like that, I say, "Look! This dog has 4 back legs!"

          I have done a few of these, and still do. If you keep a little more hair on the front of the leg, particularly at the curve, it wont look so defined. But that's hard on a shave-down.

          He is a cutie, that is for sure.

          Tammy in Utah
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