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    Glad to hear shes feeling better. I bet going back to work was tough at first. I bet that was the best sandwich she ever ate too. So does she have some kind of insurance or is there at least some assistance available for her. I bet even with insurance the out of pocket expensive is high. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers


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      No insurance except her car insurnce which will not even come close. She is over $100,000 in debt to one hospital and has the first hospital sheent to still pending....can we say BANKRUPTCY?
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        Originally posted by greyhoundlover View Post
        My Ex Beat my 14 year old up this last year and broke her nose. I had a client get snotty with me when I told her I would be in the hospital with her while she had surgery. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. She said FINE I will go somewhere else. [email protected]#@[email protected][email protected]#@! of a lady. OF course I'm not going to be anywhere else other than with my child in a tragedy DUH. She told me that she didnt want to hear about my family life. THE NERVE OF HER. She was fairly new and I dont miss her AT ALL.

        I am glad she is home and doing ok
        Boy, THAT was a huge loss. NOT!
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          Does your state have funding for medical expenses. I know MN does it called MN Care and it seems to help alot of people out when they are uninsured or underinsured. I really think its sad when medical expense can get that high that you need to file bankruptcy. You would think hospitals would rather get some money instead no money. I'm not saying I'm for free medical just more resonable medical. Maybe its time for a fundraiser for her.