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    Do owners get a second hairy dog when they don't care for the one they already have? Got a call from a client today to make an appt for Casey-a shih/lhasa. Last done 4 1/2 mos ago. Always a shave off. The owner mentioned that they got another dog-a shih tzu. Asked if they wanted to make an appt." No- she's only 5mos old and doesn't need a haircut-she has some mats around her neck, and I'll just cut them off". Good grief! Another matted mess with nails grown into her feet. I feel like refusing to groom these dogs anymore except that her Uncle is a very good monthly client. YUK. Just don't get it.
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    I feel your pain, they never will 'get it' that the younger and more often the better. Start charging extra for shave offs is my only suggestion.
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      I get so upset when owners do this. I would price them out if I were you. Start increasing their prices every time they come in with a matted dog. I would also say to them that the rates would go down if they came in more often (maybe I'm overly optimistic but I always try one last time). They'll either go somewhere else or get a clue.
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        yup I find this too ... it's the ones who already complain about the cost of grooming ... and try to stretch it out. umm, duh - can't afford to properly care for the 1st one & then get another?

        have a 2x's a year golden who just got a bernese mtn dog ... ugh


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          I try to talk to these folks. Remind them of their pets, compare them to kids... so I understand why they want more pets but would you really allow our kid to go without a bath or brushing their hair or teeth for 4-6 months?
          I cant change how people think, I can try 'work' with them, if they insist on adding pets but they are unwilling to do what I think is right... the other posts I think are on target.
          Old adage... hit them where it hurts... the pocket book. I really acre about the pets the most, it must not be comfortable to be left so long without care but if it costs more, but you consider a (small) discount to 'regular' work.. they may listen.. show them the bottom line.


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            Originally posted by RPS View Post
            would you really allow our kid to go without a bath or brushing their hair or teeth for 4-6 months?
            maybe saying this to them would help? It's soooo frustrating...