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I am a new GrandMommy!!

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  • I am a new GrandMommy!!

    last week Bill had her litter of pups- early. She had difficulty for the first time with a litter, and after helping her deliver one breach (RUMP first as I could not turn him around in Bill's tiny tummy), she had another and then another that caused her to stop delivering- both from subsiding contractions and exhaustion. no feathering would help, and she was beside herself with needing to rest---so,,it was off to the Vet at about midnight for an emergency c-section,,my favorite kind.....yay.
    She had 4 more healthy pups, and she is healing alright. So that's 6 total. She did pull out a couple of stitches a couple of days ago, and an e-collar will not work in her whelping bed, so I have to watch her pretty much all the time as she is itchy from healing. Doing this and being in the salon to groom all day is quite hectic--up and down the stairs all day to groom, feed pups, and check on and potty glutes are getting a heck of a workout! Bill wants and needs to be near the pups for milk production, but I am still having to hand feed them as she is still quite sore,,so- my point is--it has been a heck of a week! And I didn't get out to APF from caring for her and her pups, but I can't complain since everyone is safe and healthy.
    I wanted to post the delivery sooner, but I was afraid to announce the pups in case we lost one. They are getting nice and fat and getting along well, so I believe we are pretty safe now. She had 3 black & tans, 2 tricolor and a RUBY! The ruby was quite a surprise since there's no ruby on either parents lines except back 4 generations--so it is pretty cool to see a ruby from a tricolor and black & tan pairing up. The little guy has no white on his anywhere either except a bit under his tummy!
    ~Will post pics when they are a bit bigger!!
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    Such drama....which is why I let others do the birthing! I could sure use a puppy fix though. Too bad you are so far away...I'd love to nanny:-)


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      Congrats on your new family!
      "The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"-Theodorus Gaza


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        Congrats and I think you will need a rest soon! =)


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          Congrats! can't wait to see pics.
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            On your litter,also I enjoyed your blog,that is so true! Your little girls are adorable. What a worry,and lot of work pups are hey! I'm glad they are thriving now,Mary J's are doing great now too. We had a rough nite,and 1 rough day. All is well now.
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              Yes, and? Pictures? Well?
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                Can't wait to see the pics!