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    Is it o.k. to use a conditioner and such on water dogs, irish setters and labs, I didn't know if it would hange there water repellent coat.

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    If anything, I think that scientifically it would help, as conditioner seals the hair shaft and makes it smooth. I personally do not use a cream conditioner on those coats very often. Right now I am liking The Stuff or a similar kind of leave in product. Plus, if you are carding out the fluffy undercoat, there is less for water to soak in to...


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      I have been grooming two older labs ( approx 12 years old) monthly for about a year and their coats are so shiney they almost look like velvet. I always use conditioner on them and also use a undercoat rake while they are wet in the tub. The owner of their sister, who lives out of town, saw the dogs and begged me to groom his dog when they came to visit. I finally worked her in a few weekends ago and I could really tell the difference between the condition of the coat and skin of the dogs I groom monthly and the out of town dog. It takes a little longer for them to dry, but since they live across the street from me, I just let them hang out on a blanket in my living room while we do peticures and watch tv,,,,hehehe. The day their sister came over with them for "spa day" I had over 300 lbs of dog in my living room floor. Wish I had taken a pic! I always use Fresh and Clean oatmeal & baking soda shampoo & conditioner on these dogs It helps keep them smellin good and keeps their old skin looking like they are puppies.