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  • Spring

    I think we are finally getting some spring weather, It has been gorgeous here for 2 whole days, and tommorw promises to be the same! Goodbye lj's and hello tees!? I hope anyway,,, then tornados and monsoon season then 110 degree days, boy am I ever ready! Sorry snow bound folks.
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    Beautiful here for a few days now too,,,I say it every year..."c'mon Spring"...
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      My Daffodils have beenpoking up for the last few weeks, here in the frozen Canadian north.


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        My spring flowers are up 3" high!!! Come on spring<<>


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          We're having an early Spring here. My daffs are blooming, the lilacs are budding and the birds are singing. The yard is full of sticks and tree debris (the dogs are trying to help by bringing in a few sticks every time they go out), and the grass is growing. Guess I'll be busy tomorrow!
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            It hit 40 here today and I seriously felt like wearing shorts outside when the sun was shining - despite the stubborn snow on the ground that refuses to melt. 40 feels like heaven after months of -0 to 20 temps.

            The dogs finally got to spend a few hours outside after being cooped up in the house for 4 months. They soaked up the sun, surrounded by snow, as if it were 70 degrees.