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"forgetting how to groom" or "grooming a Scottie like a Dandie"

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  • "forgetting how to groom" or "grooming a Scottie like a Dandie"

    I groom two Dandie Dinmonts every 6 weeks. I also groom a Scottish Terrier every 4 weeks. I've groomed these dogs for a couple of years, so I have no explanation why I started to groom the Scottie like a Dandie. I had already taken the bum down and was in the process of taking the skirt really low on the sides when the thought came to me that something wasn't right. I HAD TO PULL OUT MY NOTES FROM THE GROOMING TABLE!

    I tried to disguise it, but it's hard to hide the fact she didn't have a skirt left on her bum.

    My only excuse is that I'm recovering from Bronchitis and I am not working at par.

    I can't believe I did that. I fled work in shame.
    "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce

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    I've done that on a cocker---started going down the shoulder like a Schnauzer! EEEk...fortunately it was mostly salvageable, but I was still ticked at myself!

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      What gets me is that I COMPLETELY forgot how to groom a Scottie. I own a Scottie now, I groomed her 2 weeks ago!!! Maybe all the coughing I've done has cut down on oxygen to my brain.
      "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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        Do you have a photo album of previous grooms?

        You are probably sicker than you realize. Get in bed and have a nice hot tea or something and look at Scottie pics. Is your computer a laptop?


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          I had two black poodles one day, one in short kennel cut, the other same EXCEPT leave bracelets. I did the first poodle, no problem. I had the second one on my table, first rear leg (I always start at the back of the dog) ZIP! down the leg I go all the way to the foot. Actually had the whole leg completely shaved before it dawned on me. No way to cover it up, had to call the owner, apologize and make all legs match. Owner was great and understanding.
          Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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            Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
            Is your computer a laptop?
            Yes, why?

            But I didn't take photos of the dog. I REALLY would like to forget this.

            On a happier note, the groomer I am training, took a #30 blade to the leg of a Shih Tzu she was clipping with a #4. I laughed and told her she was OFFICIALLY a groomer now. It sucks to have to explain it to the owner, but it will probably take another time of two before she looks at her blades EVERY time she takes it to the dog.
            "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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              I am happy to see this thread. Last year a client came in from another groomer who had left for parts unknown and didn't tell her clients(some of them anyway). She went on and on how good this gal was and made it known I was second best. I understand its hard for some people to start new, but for some reason this lady got my defenses up. Vibes...I didn't like her right from the start. Someone else could've said the same thing and it wouldn't have bothered me. Shih tzu, so anyway she wanted a Pom tail she said she didn't want to see his rectum....sigh. I don't know why....subconcious?...I scissored it all the way up and yes, you could see the rectum. When she came in I told her right away I screwed the tail up. She wasn't impressed and I haven't seen her since. Previous groomer did come back so I'm assuming she happily went back. I have never deliberately done something like this in 25 years and it bothered me. By showing the rectum was I in fact saying....there you go as$h**e?


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                Yes, being sick makes you lose focus!!

                Not only have I read studies on how even a cold can make you lose concentration, but I have also experienced it this last couple of weeks. Have the cold/laryngitis/who-knows-what stuff (probably a bit of bronchitis), and YES, my concentration and speed are WAY off!

                I'm sure that is what happened to you. Makes you really "woozy/fuzzy" or something.


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                  Don't Worry

                  It's only brain fog. You'll get your groove back. Rest.


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                    I leave a signature on a golden doodle that I groom. Twice in a row I 30 bladed a strip down her side. She is the only dog that I use my big clippers with to shave her pads. So both times I forgot to change the blades and zip down to the skin I go. Its bad enough having to tell the owner once but twice is mortifying. She laughed both times though.


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                      If it makes ya feel better, Keyray, I shaved Poms off a st. poo the other day that I have been working on growing out for 3 months. I had just gotten them the perfect length to round well and *zip* oops! The sad part was I had hesitated prior to doing it and wondered why I had left hair there....omg. Seriously! Starting from square one and a not so happy owner.....oh well, what can ya do, right? (((hugs))) I know you are beating yourself up over this. Sometimes we get foggy. It just happens. I mean we ARE trying to remember hundreds of breed styles in our head.....
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