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good bye old dear friend... (an ode to my dying/dead clippers)

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  • good bye old dear friend... (an ode to my dying/dead clippers)

    my clippers finally took a **** on me.... after 12 hard years..... i'm sure i could have them rebuilt.... again.... for the umpteenth time..... but they've served their time, lived up to their name.... it's time it has rested in peace.... time to sign the "do not resuscitate" , and pull the plug for good.... good bye old friend.... we've been through a lot together, you and i.... i changed your blade drive today, thinking that's all you needed... after you left me hanging and powerless between pre-grooms..... no big deal i thought.... so i screwed in your new heart, gave you juice, and alas, you did not revive.... ok, i assume... lets give that ticker a jump start.... i gave you a few pumps to get you ticking again.... you started to flicker.... it was faint and distant, but my friend, i had hope.... til i realized, you only had one speed.... slow.... a speed you know i can not tolerate.... so my friend, the time has come to say our goodbyes, and nonchalantly wipe our eyes, for you are now bottom shelf and are now considered as backup.... i'll see you around, my dear old friend.... i will never forget the time we have spent.... but it is time for a new friendship to begin.

    ahhh... it's going to be like growing a new hand... it's going to be so weird.

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    I think 12 years for a pair of clippers is pretty good. What kind of clippers last 12 years?


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      What" breed" of clippers was your friend?

      Oster? Andis? I am curious.


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        It sounds like my Andis clippers. They lasted 11 years. Now they are in a bag for parts when needed.
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          they were the andis ag 2 speed. i wouldn't buy anything but.

          has any one heard anything about the 2 speed supers?


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            I have a pair, and am very happy. Braggart! lol 11 years of use? shame on you for abusing them so long..
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              I LOVE the Andis AG 2 speed. They are great. I have had a pair for 8 years. I don't use them regularly, they are my back ups. I love 'em, I just don't use them everyday because they are heavy. But everytime I pull them out I remember just how much I love them!


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                What a lovely and touching memorial.....sniff........... Your clippers had a wonderful home and a loving mom who obviously took good care of them. Try not to beat yourself up over their loss. They lived a long life. Just remember that all clippers go to Heaven.

                Okay, gotta say that I am sooooooo impressed that you had the same pair of clippers for 12 YEARS!!! I love Andis cause of how durable they are, but I think the longest I have had a pair is MAYBE 5 yrs........maybe........... Then again I bet you didn't drop yours daily, multiple
                SheilaB from SC


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                  LOL amazing hwo we get attached isn't it? And how people think we are so w-i-e-r-d about it. I was hoping for something a littel more poetic though..hehehehhe

                  reminds me of the time a friend and I were bitching about the xmas rush I got inspired and crated the Night BEfore Christmas (groomer style) it was a hoot


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                    All clippers go to Heaven. Hee Hee Hee!
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