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Update on dog that got attacked.. new problem...

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  • Update on dog that got attacked.. new problem...

    I mentioned in another thread that the neighbor's Great Dane reached over our fence and picked Dottie up and tried to kill her. She didn't succeed and Dottie is healing up. The puncture wounds are not getting infected and the bruising is going down.

    The problem I have is now Dottie's behavior. She was REALLY freaked out afterwards. I kept her separate from the other dogs for a couple days, but now she is back among the pack. Twice now something has set her off and she is attacking Rosie Bacon. Rosie is a Scotty.

    I had this problem before. Dottie would attack her sister Glinda. I finally had to rehome Glinda.

    Now that I know what has started this, does anyone have any ideas how I can nip this. Dottie and Rosie have been getting along great before this. I'm not worried about Rosie getting hurt, she's a Scotty after all. I don't like the conflict, and I'm worried a fight could escalate when I am not around.

    Any suggestions?
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    My best suggestion is to never leave these dogs together unsupervised. Even dogs that never have an issue, I don't like leaving unsupervised. My own dogs usually all get along great, but every once in a while, there is a tiff, and I want to be there if something happens. They are all kept separate when I am not home or when we are sleeping.
    I can't think of anything right now to help you actualyl solve th issue. I wish I could. Maybe my brain is just too tired. I would just hate for something to happen to any of your pets while you were out. I'm hoping someone else here can help you work with her to get through this. I'm so sorry that happened to Dottie, that had to be terrifying for her and you! Best of luck!
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      From personal experience, once Terriers of the same sex start pitching into each other, one or the other has to go.


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        Come on,Keyray, you know how to do this, stop doubting yourself. Your energy is feeding the the frenzy. What your dogs need right now, all of them, is a strong pack leader. She's been traumatized and is going to feel vulnerable, for a while, and then she'll be fine. Have faith.
        Stupid neighbor......I'm not up to date on all this (sorry) did they offer help? Are they doing any corrective measures, or are you going to have to deal with this potential threat forever?
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          If you think the aggression is related to the attack, ask your vet if there's any type of anti-anxiety drug you can use, short term. It might help, but when dealing with female terriers, it's pretty dicey.

          The best advice? Don't allow them to be together unless you're there to supervise. Get Dottie into an obedience class and keep her on a vigorous training schedule. Not only will this disabuse her of the idea that she's in charge of anything and give you better control, but the physical exercise will wear her out. Tired dogs are less likely to act out.

          Sometimes it's wise to do nothing, though. Wait and see just how far they're willing to go. As I've often related here, I had one of the most dominant female dogs I've ever known. Ronda, the Queenie Weenie. There were lots of squables. I only stepped in if it started sounding too serious. The rest of the time, I allowed her to discipline the offending individual, because she did such a bang up job of it. On occasion blood was drawn, but nothing serious enough to warrent a trip to the vet.

          I confess that in the begining I always stepped in to stop the fights. But I found out that sometimes it's better to allow the dogs to settle their own disputes, and establish their own pecking order. It was much more peaceful once everyone knew his or her place. And I had 10 dogs at the time, two of which were Bull Terriers. Once Ronda took charge, the chaos settled waaaaay down.


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            Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
            From personal experience, once Terriers of the same sex start pitching into each other, one or the other has to go.

            My mom who has been working with a variety of dogs for many many years won't keep females. She always says if there's going to be a bitch in the house, it's going to be her.
            I'd consult a local trainer. But I'm absolutely sure it's due to the trauma, and her feeling vulnerable. I'm sure it will pass.


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              I agree with Helly. Talk to your vet and ask about anti-anxiety meds. My friend, who is an excellent dog trainer, had a problem with 2 of her females fighting. She used basic obedience training along with anti-anxiety meds. Now things are peaceful once again. I think Dottie is just rattled and needs to regain her confidence. Good Luck!


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                I also agree w/Helly. I learned w/my own boys to stay out of their spats unless it gets to the point of a serious fight (which has only happened once). Even at feeding times I now allow them to play out their own little rituals and they both eat MUCH better now and have never had a "food fight".
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                  I ahd 2 intact males that always got along, until one was attacked , after that if he was approached from theside he was attacked on it was a blood bath. I had to keep them seperated from then on. Training did not stop it, they were both trained and I rode a bike with them 3 timesa week for a mile. Just was'nt worth the risk of anymore damage to them.
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                    The good news is that Dottie seems to be settling down. I just had Rosie fixed on Friday and I was worried that Dottie would see it as a sign of weakness and tear into her, but every day Dottie is returning to normal.

                    Even the people at work said that Dottie wasn't her normal happy playful self. Dottie thinks that humans exist to give her love and attention. On Saturday she jumped up on one of the techs to get attention, so slowly she is coming back to normal.

                    I can't just let my dogs fight it out. They are terriers and Dottie goes for blood. Nikko and Baggins will occasionally snip at another dog, but that is all it is (generally it is Pippin and it's like they are telling him to leave them alone).
                    "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce