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double jointed thumb AM i already having problems? please help

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  • double jointed thumb AM i already having problems? please help

    so today I had an awfull cocker to do it was a shavedown that took me forever he kept biting me everytime I touched his legs and wehn I muzzled him his acted like he couldnt breath so i took it off.anyhow I have never had this kind of trouble before and couldnt get him smooth and even and his hair was thick and curly anyhow it took forever the problem is that at one point my fell asllep and I had to was deep in my joint almost weird feeling.I have oster goldens and they are a little big around for my hands I guess does this happen to anyone else? im I scewed here?I just started grooming how could I already have trouble? I cnt imagine If this keeps happening every you think It could be my clippers? I have a tiny pair andis clippers purple ones but they dont seem to go through cocker hair Hopefully it was just this dog and not every day occuance. please tell me I can do something.I dont want to give up grooming Ive wanted todo this for a long time and I can say I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up .Im In my early 30s and have been through lots oc job changes in my liftime because I never knew what I wnated .Now I do know what I want to do and I cant hold onto the clippers because my falls asleep.could it be my double joint in my do you think?

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    I have really small hands so having to hold a normal sized clipper used to really make my hands ache. It got to the point where I couldn't scissor a dog because my hand would be hurting so bad after clippering that it'd be shaking like crazy. Then I bought the Wahl Switchblade and have never since had the problem. I recently got a serious cat bite injury that caused me to wear a splint on my right hand for two weeks. My pinkie and the finger next to it as well as the palm of my hand directly down from them are really weak but I have no problem with my hand tiring or hurting with these clippers. I know that it can be expensive to just up and buy a new set but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


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      Oh, and here's a link to the clippers i was speaking of:


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        I think it's your clippers and could possibly be the way your hold them.

        Find a lighter weight clipper NOW before you do to much damage to your hand/wrist/arm.


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          I hope it just the clipper,I can replace those easy enough,I jusrt hope it isnt my stupid thats the problem. as for the way I hold the clipper I was told to "hold it like a pencil" so Im grippiong mostly with my and pointer finger,it there a better way I can hold them?
          maybe I hang onto them too hard?I tend to grti my teeth when Im nervous maybe I squeeze too hard too? Ill see better later when I have them (clippers) on. But I like those clippers untill yesterday now I think I hate them.


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            It is not always the weight that causes a problem. A lot of times, the size is the problem. If you have a clipper that puts too much pressure on the , it can cause supplexation of the basalar joint. That is where the meets the hand. It stretches out the tendons and ligaments. If that doesnt get stopped, it will lead to problems. I know. I have had that joint fused on my left hand. Would love to have it done on the right, but keep putting it off. You have to alter the way you hold the clipper and get one that doesnt stretch that joint. You can also get a brace that locks that joint straight.

            You have something going on techniquewise. Dirty dog? Clipper not working, blade dull, THEN the clipper andyour clipper technique.
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              Every day do hand, wrist, arm and shoulder stretches. I've been groomung for 25 years, had to have a chiropractor work on my a few times and that helped. Loosening your grip will help too. Sometimes when I have to grip a beard I'll bend my and grip using the knuckle joint instead of the whole . I use Andis but the Whal look interesting, maybe a new purchase for me.