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  • Opening soon

    I'm opening a shop May 1st this is second store in different city. I am excited about this area and plan to run ads soon.I have had a couple of applications come in already but their references gave them a bad rap.I don't think finding groomers in this area will be a proplem at least I hope not. Would like to know if any shop owners out there have proplems finding help when you need it?

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    Where are you?

    I am in Northern NJ and when I advertised for a part-time groomer, I got NOT ONE response. On the other hand, when I opened, I got an unsolicited resume from someone in town with no experience who thought she could catch on and she was available Tues thru Thurs from 9 to 3. LOL

    If I were hiring help, those would be MY hours!


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      Hi Dogwashceo, I just got in the door a little while ago and just read your post. New store is opening in the Indianapolis area Greenfield IN. My Richmond store is almost more than I can handle and I have gave up trying to find groomers there I know I never will.There is a school in Indy and alot of groomers to I think I might have found one but hope to interview more.
      After this store is going I plan to close or possibly sell the one in Richmond.
      When you are the only one running a busy shop sometimes you get stretched
      way to thin.


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        yea you can find help alright, just not good help lol Im stretched too thin running one shop...I would be insane trying to run 2!!! omg...I would disappear to a cave somewhere! LOL lookn for one now! lol


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          Go to opening soon by Rosse's I think I put a post in the wrong place. Sorry, I'm new to the board and posting.