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Bulldog Folds and Faces

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  • Bulldog Folds and Faces

    I have one bulldog on a 4 week schedule. He has pretty dramatic folds under the eyes, over the nose, etc.

    Currently I wash the face/folds with a gentle, tearless puppy shampoo/washcloth - then after the groom I wipe the folds out with all natural wipes... The client says she wipes the folds a few times a week... Just wondering if there is anything else I "should" be doing.... He doesn't have severe staining, but between the nose and the fold is pretty crusty, almost dry? just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.


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    My bulldog has a small fold on her nose, but I've seen some deep ones at the animal hospital I work at. My breeder recommends gold bond's medicated powder to absorb the moisture after a washing. But if it's dry and "crusty", I would get a vet opinion before messing with it. Those folds are prone to some icky infections.
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      Sometimes those folds get infected and no amount of wiping will help. Sometimes using a medicated wipe will help, but if depends on what type of infection. It could be yeast or bacteria or both. Bulldogs are known to get pyoderma in those folds. Good Luck


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        Using Q-Tips,I swipe the folds out with dry ones(usally two per fold )and use baby powder on clean ones to keep them fresh. Just my opinion.


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          You can also try making up a boric acid wash and using a cloth dipped in it to clean the folds. I'd suggest the owner do the same with a weak solution 1.5% (1/4 tsp to 2 cups water make sure all crystals are dissolved) It should help


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            try cleaning the fold with eye wash in a cotton ball ,then dry same way


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              i use a non-alcohol based ear wash.
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