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Would this be good for tub?

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  • Would this be good for tub?

    I was in Lowe's today and found a discounted shower base. I'm wanting to put it in the corner and build it up some - however, not sure how the recirculator bather would work with this.

    Any ideas? (sorry, couldn't figure out how to attach a picture)


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    It could work for bathing , although for recirculator you may have to take a new approach. this may sound odd or off the wall but it may work for what you want.The idea is called a sump we use this concept for salt water fish tanks as part of the biological filter system.What this entails is a separate holding tank for water to drain into from the main tank ,(yours being the tub) this is place under the tank ans is kept filled by gravity water falls to it the pump is used to recirculate back to the tank( tub).You will want to refill this holding tank( sump) between each bath for sanitary purposes but it is something to consider .


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      While waiting on the surgeon,I was looking at the board and saw this. (The hospital has WiFI)
      My tub setup is similar,and it isnt really great for the recirc, BUT a plumber can build a sump easily enough, and it is so easy that it does not have a lip to band over. You can see my setup at my egroomer page.

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      When my daughter gets out of the hospital, and things calm down my plumber is going to makeme a sump. He said its easy, done with a seperate drain,and you simply open or close the drains as needed. We DO use the Prima-type shampooer as well.

      LOVE this setup, and would do it again. We used a sink base cabinet to elevate it. We did have to takeoff an inch or so off the bottom, but it is great and added storage. We aregoing on 4years with this tub and base now.
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        Sounds like that would defeat the purpose of using a recirculating bathing system, i.e. saving on water and shampoo.


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          The sump is a well, under the tub,with a drain in the tub that allows the water to run into it from the main tub- you plug the actual DRAIN while washing, making the water run into the well- and the pump sits in the well. The water recirculates from the well. WHen you are done washing, you drain the sump, down the drain in the tub after plugging the drain to the sump. Its not hard or complicated.

          Its really very easy and will save water over even a regular tub because its smaller and you use less water. A sump the size of a dishpanworks great for most dogs,or a utility tub size if you do a lot of big hairies(I dont).

          Azoci has this type of setup in her rig. Because the water is deeper in a smaller area the pump runs with less water...It can be confusing until you see it, but it works. One of the old shops (not here anymore) in town had this done.
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