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Some dogs are funny

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  • Some dogs are funny

    So I do this beagle's nails named Lilly and the first time we do them out on the deck of her apartment and she just sits there like an angel. The second time it is snowing so we try and do them in the living room and she is growling and snapping.

    Now I walk here three time a week and have been playing with her feet and touching her nails and decided to try it again out on the deck and not a peep.

    I was wondering why she protests so much inside the house but could care less out on the deck?


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    It strange how they can do this, my own little dog is great at my shop for everything he had a little mat behind his ear from playing with our pug so I thought I'd take it out since he didn't need a full groom. He lost his mind. Growling biting flipping & basically acting an a$. I guess he thinks he can only be groomed at the shop.. it's funny how set in their ways they can get.
    "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
    and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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      Actually, IMHO you're dealing with a territorial issue. I have a handful of dogs that are sheer terrors inside their own home. They feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings and are more likely to try and see what they can get away with. Once they step foot outside, however, its a different story...and a different dog.

      Every part of every groom takes place in my van. Once they're in there, they know they're in "LoriLand" and no longer in Casa de Phydough.
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      George Sand (1804 - 1876)