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  • Bit on the nose!

    I was grooming a cocker yesterday and it bit me on the nose! It is one of those TAY kind that we all truly love. I had groomed this particular dog about a year ago and while you have to muzzle for anything to do w/ the front feet, I don't remember anything else being a problem. I got him preshaved and bathed w/o any issue, actually quite sweet on the table. I started drying him and he was calm and very good for several minutes then just all of a sudden starts freaking out, peeing, pooping, screaming. I move him over so he doesn't step in the poo, turn off the dryer, move him again as he is still pooing and freaking. On the second move I was standing over him and he jumped up and bit my nose. It really didn't hurt too much, I just thought he had head butted me until I rubbed my nose and had blood on my hand. Don't you just love the way your eyes immediately start to water when you get an injury to your nose? I was laughing, holding a tissue to my nose and had tears running down my face. I had to let him kennel dry for the rest of it. I then fashioned a little band-aid to put over the tip of my nose so I wouldn't have to hold a tissue to it for the rest of the day. After he was dry he let me finish shaving him no problem. So today I have a bruise and a little hole on the tip of my nose and today it hurts worse than when it happened. I just don't understand why he freaked out when he did, I had been drying him for several minutes w/ no issue what so ever. I truly blame the whole issue on the owner. I wish people would get it through their heads that if a dog hates the grooming process, you don't go less often, you go more often. This dog wouldn't have to be muzzled for his feet because he wouldn't have huge mustache sized mats in his feet pads, wouldn't have a sore on his side from the matting, and for the love of pete, wouldn't freak out for the dryer because he would come often enough to realize it wasn't going to eat him. This isn't just one of those cockers you dread to see, he was a very sweet loving dog that is just being neglected by his owner and is paying the price for it, gggrrrr arrrrgh!
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    Ouch,, sorry you go bite. Is the hole big enought for a nose ring,,lmao, sorry, just kidding. But that is what I thought about when you said you have a hole in your nose. Who knows why some dogs go nuts. A few weeks ago, I had a day where every dog I groomed tried to bite me, and they were all regulars. I came home and checked the calander to see if it was a full moon. I must have been giving off some bad vibes, cause I normally don't have a prob with dogs getting snippy with me. Hope your boo boo heals quickly!!!


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      So sorry you got bit. My very first bite was a cocker to the nose. Very sweet boy out of no where wham o he looked so sorry afterwards. Owners took him to the vet since he had no issue ever turned out he had a brain tumor and passed away 2 weeks later. Hope the owners keep an eye on this guy in case it was a seizure or reaction to some kind of pain. Of course could just be that this day he decided no more.

      Glad your ok.
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        I had the exact same thing happen to me last summer while grooming a Cocker. She was really good the whole time until the blow drying process. Same thing exactly, blow drying fro 10-15 minutes w/ no problem, then she suddenly went completely nutso w/ yipping, pooping, etc. I had to try to get her off the table & onto the floor so she didn't hurt herself.

        I swear I think she had a seizure because it took her a while of running around freaking out before she finally calmed down.

        She got me in the hand really good, left a scar. I got a tetanus shot after I left there.

        Be careful with your bite.


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          Idk if it is a cocker thing but I have the sweetest cocker, been grooming her for years, and she suddenly freaked on me one day. I was drying her with the hv and suddenly she started screaming, peeing, and pooping. I was so scared i snatched her up and ran up front to the vet. We put her down on the floor in a quiet room so he could observe her. She continued screaming and seemed to be disoriented. We moved her to her cage and turned out the lights. She immediately calmed down. I kept checking on her every few minutes and called her mom to come get her. We finished the groom a couple days later with no further incidences. So far she has had 2 or 3 milder episodes usually centered around the dryer. I watch her closely and as soon as she whimpers the dryer goes off and we take a break. Usually by that point the cage dryer is sufficient. The vet seems to think she is having some kind of anxiety/panic attack but it only occurs with the dryer. I don't like to use the hv but she has so much coat I can't get her dry without it. Oddly enough, I have been able to dry her with the hv with no episodes as long as I stay away from her head and use a happy hoodie. Basically I dry from her shoulders back. She has never seemed to mind the cage dryers. I love this cocker and she is now 13...Ive known her since she was a pup. If anyone has any insight or advice, I'd love to hear it.

          PS I'm so sorry about your poor nose (and for the thread jacking lol)


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            Originally posted by Erks View Post
            Oddly enough, I have been able to dry her with the hv with no episodes as long as I stay away from her head and use a happy hoodie. Basically I dry from her shoulders back. She has never seemed to mind the cage dryers. I love this cocker and she is now 13...Ive known her since she was a pup. If anyone has any insight or advice, I'd love to hear it.
            I find this I have a few like that as well, great all their lives, then they hit their teens and they start reacting. I spoke with one of our vets and we think it is a sign of dementia/cognitive dysfunction (senility). When I talk to the owners of these dogs, they will admit that Fifi is starting to pace anxiously or wander aimlessly around the house, appears to get lost in the house, forgets which side of the door opens, stands and stares into space, etc. I generally refer these people to their Vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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              Nostril Nipper.

              Once when I was a young groomer, and I was working with my mom, a dog she had done for years. (Toy poo) leapt up and nipped her on the nose. It didn't draw blood, but it was funny if you were there, from that point on we refered to the dog as "The Nostril Nipper".


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                Ouch! Sorry you got bitten. I've never been bitten on the nose before. I do get my ears nipped a lot and I've had my nipple bitten. Little stinker...