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Dayton, Ohio area...looking for a groomer.

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  • Dayton, Ohio area...looking for a groomer.

    One of my favorite, and very regular clients and her white Std. Poo have moved just south of Dayton and she is looking for a groomer. Great lady and I adore(d) her dog. Young female...a little shy, gorgeous coat...but owner keeps her 7 AO, w/ F,F,T.
    She would really prefer an in home set-up, but is perfectly willing to consider a non-corp shop or Mobile. Anybody out there w/ recommendations or interest?
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    I believe MyDogMissy (on this board) is a mobile South of Dayton.
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      I'm north of Dayton

      Hey if she's north of town I'm in Troy Oh just depends on where she's located PM me if she moving up north.
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