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  • money saving idea!

    I had one of those "AHA!" moments yesterday. I use a squeezable drinking bottle for my diluted shampoo. It's designed to be used with a straw, so I can never get the last of the shampoo out by tipping it upsidedown cause of the little straw holder thing. So when I get down to the bottom, I shake the bottle until the shampoo is all foam, and then squirt out the foam. I've been doing this for years.

    I suddenly realized that, that last bit of foam went pretty far, as far as washing the dog went, so I decided to only fill the bottle about a quarter of the way with shampoo, shake the heck out of it, until it was all foam, and then squirt out the foam. It usually takes me one whole bottle of diluted shampoo to wash a small dog, and I washed the small dogs with one quarter of bottle of diluted shampoo in a foam state, and the dog was still squeaky clean.

    I wish I had realized that when I was working for myself and I had to buy the shampoo... now i'm contracted out, and they buy the shampoo..

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    I bought some bottles that are foam shampoo bottles online, I liked the Espree facial foam shampoo cause it rinses out so easy, I bought and try these for most of my shampoos. So you have a good idea, try the foam bottles..