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Crud, they say its Cancer....

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  • Crud, they say its Cancer....

    Yep, went in for some bloodwork cause I was just tired all the time, and I was low on thyroid.
    My gp orderd a ultrasound of my thryroid as my mom had a goiter at my age.

    He did not find goiter but a 1.2 and 1 cent. node on my right thyroid lobe.

    Went for a fine needle biopsy (which hurt like hoky heck!) and the pathologist did
    the check right in the room with me.
    They said it was calcified and that is not good, as the body tried to coat these things
    with calcium to protect you like a oyster does a pearl.

    He felt it was Medullary at first, and hopefully that will change.

    Most people say Thyroid cancer is the kind to get as if its early it cureable, but
    when people say that they are Thinking of Papillary cancer which is 70 percent of most
    thryroid cancers.
    Then there is Folicular (sp?) which spreads a little faster but is still very treatable.
    Then there is Medullary which is pretty rare, but lingers for years and can come up and
    bite you later.
    My blood work makes that now questionable, but my endo won't rule it out.
    Then there is anaplastic which, well, is just unfortunate, and you get my meaning.

    Bottom line is, my nodes are small, so hopefully when they remove my thryroid,
    they will find what kind it is, and I will begin treatment.
    I meet with my surgeon at the end of the month.

    Other than being tired and spacey, I feel just fine.
    Just haven't posted in a while, with all the work and naps I am taking.

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    Sending best wishes and positive thoughts.
    It sounds like you have the right attitude about this unwelcome invader.


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      Wow, sorry to hear about your thyroid. Hope everything works out all right. It sounds like you caught it early. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. (( Hugs ))
      "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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        sorry to hear this news, but will pray that it's easily treatable.


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          All I can say is ....
          When I came home at the beginning of January, I thought we had very little time left with my dad. He has Multiple Myeloma- very painful and debilitating cancer as it attacks the blood cells and then causes bone breaks. The day before we left, my mom told me there was little hope, his red count was not improving and his white count was too low to continue treatment. She said he would continue weekly blood tests, and we could hope they would come up again so he could have more treatment. In less than 60 days, our world has turned the right way again. He was able to have surgery to stabilize the breaks, his white count came up and he is making his own red cells. AND, last weeks results showed a very small percentage of cancer cells in his blood! They are now talking stem cell transplant and physical therapy to get his quality of life back.
          I will pray for a miracle for you!


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            Try not to fret too much until you find out exactly what it is. I'm sure you'll be treated and cured. Thank your lucky stars that you went to the doctor and had it checked out. Very smart move. You should be proud of yourself. Some people just ignore symptoms but you did the right thing. Just hang in there until you get an answer and don't let your imagination run wild. I'm glad you shared. Your grooming family.


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              Healing and Positive Thoughts are being sent in your direction...

              All my best... Positive attitude will get you on the healing track..


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                Positive thoughts are being sent your way! Keep us all updated.


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                  Wishing you the best of thoughts. We are with you.


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                    Makes a lot of our problems seem rather trivial.

                    Good luck to you and I know everybody on this board will be pulling for you. And there have been plenty of miracles...keep that positive attitude.


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                      I'm reaching across the net and giving you a big cyber hug. Like everyone has said, stay positive and keep us updated. Wishing you the best!!


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                        As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that few things are as scary as that initial diagnosis and the word "cancer" applied to your person. Be strong, educate yourself and be an active participant in your own treatment. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions (there are none) and dont be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

                        Sending good wishes and hopes for a rapid recovery.
                        Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
                        George Sand (1804 - 1876)


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                          Best wishes and stay positive redbird =)

                          Lucy--what wonderful news about your dad. I am so happy for you =D


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                            Sending prayer,and positive thoughts to you

                            When I was very ill from a severe case of Graves disease,I was very lucky that they were able to kill the thyroid with just radiation. Another groomer friend of mine had a thyroid cancer last year,and she is well and working again. I hope you have lots of love and support around you,and that it is one of the less invasive ones. Fight hard. HUGS
                            "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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                              My Prayers are with you also

                              My very best friend from childhood had Thyroid Cancer and is fine today after her surgery. The hardest part was getting her medication just right. She goes to bed at Nine PM and up at 5AM and exercises and does weight training and is very fit. I hope this too shall be easy to cure. It isn't comforting now, but this will make you stronger in the long run. Not that you aren't strong now, but you will see just how strong you really are. We are here for you. I have heard this isn't the worst cancer to have if it happens to you. You have a lot of support here.