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  • Internet Explorer 6 Browser Users

    We have found a way to stop your getting the notice that you should upgrade to another browser or even IE 8.

    As you may know behind the scenes in the computer world there are a growing number of programmers of major sites giving notice that they will no longer support IE 6. In fact, Microsoft has now said 2014 latest they will stop support.

    That is not our attitude but please understand that everything may not be perfect right now in IE 6, but you should no longer get those annoying reminder notices. Further improvements will come in the weeks ahead.

    Sometimes you don't have a choice, especially if you are browsing on a corporate employer's setup. It's out of your control. But if at home it is your computer, IE 6 simply doesn't have the SECURITY improvements so when you can, upgrade for security, go to Firefox for web browsing etc.
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    Thank you. It really makes using this site much better w/o the notices constantly appearing.