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Gorgeous golden doodle

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  • Gorgeous golden doodle

    We are always picking on the doodles but I wanted to post a picture of one that I think when she matures is going to rival even the purebred standards. Last picture on the page.

    Gracie is only a year old so she is still pretty skinny, she has not grown into her height yet but other then that, she is just stunning. (at least I think so) This was her first real groom btw. She has been coming for grooming in the past year but we just neatened her feet and face so she could grow out. This time her mom finally let me loose on her.

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    She's very pretty and BLACK! First black G/D i've seen.


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      Well she's certainly the exception to every 'doodle rule for looks! Very pretty dog

      I just found out yesterday that I have a friend who will be breeding goldendoodles in the near future
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        I groom a black doodle every 6 weeks. she likes him left longer. we tried a wahl e comb but a c comb worked out better for the 6 weeks of growth. beautiful dog. they are wonderful dogs.


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          She is gorgeous! I love that you added that she needs to be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.
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            She's a beauty!

            Great grooming job!