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need new business name

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    Here's a few off the top of my head. But yes, you do need to go to your county or city offices and ask them about regulations AND for registering a business name. Also, do a google, yahoo, msn web search for the name you select - just to see if there's anyone else out there using it. You can't be too careful, especially if someone has trademarked the name.

    Kritters Home Grooming
    Kidz Grooming at Home
    Your Place, Your Pets, Home Groomer
    Happy Home Grooming
    Home Sweet Home Pet Grooming (oops, mylady already posted this one, my apologies)
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      it's taken anyway.

      Originally posted by kated View Post
      There is a dog walking service here in Vancouver that is called "Outward Hound"...
      I love that one! Always wanted to take an Outward Bound trip.

      There is a Homeward Hound Humane Society, Inc. in my state (MA), so that clever name is out

      I still like "Home Sweet Home Pet Grooming", and Doc just suggested it too so that is the current frontrunner.


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        Here is a few

        Treasure Mutts---- Grooming in the comfort of your home.
        k9 contour klips--- We pamper your pet in your home.
        Pamper Ur Pet- We come to you and your pet
        Animal Houze--- Your Pet- Your Home Pet Grooming
        ZIP to U Pet Grooming -- In your home pet grooming