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  • Grooming in Mississippi

    Hi Guys wil be moving to southern MS soon and was wondering what grooming is like down there. Will be a big change for me since being in AK for 4yrs. Any tips to need to knows would be greatly appreciated. Is job market (grooming) good or am I better off grooming at home. How are the groomers.. cool or catty? Etc. My current clients are great, and hate to lose them. What are the clients both dog and human like? Thanks guys!

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    Where in south Ms are you moving to? I'm in Pascagoula and business is swamped! I am booked out for the entire year at the clinic I work at. I am there 3 to 4 days a week and then groom at home on the weekends. There aren't that many groomers in this end of the county, but over in Ocean Springs/Biloxi etc they are plentiful.


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      Ahh crappola! I am moving to Keesler/Biloxi. What are your suggestions, I will be moving there in May -June depending on how much leave we take to visit family. Im not sure if I want to work at a shop or at home yet. Its been a while since I have worked in a salon environment. Since there are a lot of groomers in my area, will there be enough dogs to go around so to speak or are the pickings slim. Are the groomers friendly in the area? Do you know what the majority clients are like, as in are they shave 4 times a year or are there clients that appreciate a good haircut and or come in on a regular basis, etc? I really appreciate your response and any help you can give me. I wonder if I groom on base will I still have to pay and therefore charge state/city taxes since we dont pay taxes at any business on base? Who would I contact for that?
      BTW, do you know anything about the dog show scene? Im a poodle person. I currently Have a mini that I show, but may get a toy to show in the future.
      Thanks again PPPB!


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        I'm not sure how the grooming biz over that a way since Hurricane Katrina. I used to work in Biloxi at a boarding Kennel and with 3 groomers I would do about 12 a day (baths and grooms) and the other 2 groomers would do 5 a day. I know one groomer over there now that has her own shop, I'll see if she'll let me give you her email to chat more. I'm sure she will, but gotta make sure! LOL!

        She is actually the only groomer on the coast I talk to. I tried to talk to the other one in my town a few years back but got the cold shoulder, so I haven't tried again. It will be nice to have another nice groomer in the area!

        Can't help with the base stuff at all. I know they do have a vet on base, but that's about all I know!

        There are quite a few regulars. I know my clientele mostly comes monthly, only have a few 2 to 3 times a year dogs (for some reason they are all cockers! Luckily their hair doesn't grow fast!) When I worked over in Biloxi it was about 50/50 for shavedowns and fluffy cuts.

        Hope this helps and as soon as I hear from Alice I'll let ya know!



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          Alice said no prob. I'll pm her email to ya.

          As for dog shows, there is one in Mobile, AL every once in a while, but I'm not sure about over in Biloxi/Gulfport!