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Question : I'am Having Problems With My New Onan Generator

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  • Question : I'am Having Problems With My New Onan Generator

    The Gen actually has 1700 hrs on it. The old one was fine but I figured it wouldn't last forever and a new one (impossible to find) seemed a good deal. Well, it runs loud but worse than that, it can't run the A/C with anything else! I specifically told him to wire the new one exactly the same way. He said he did. The reason we think it is the carborator is the gen shuts down when I turn the A/C on. Sorry guys, it has been warm here. it takes 3 -4 times to start up and then when I turn on the suction for the clipper, it slows down and stops. The circuit breakers don't trip, it just dies. He switched carborators thinking the old one sat severl months and he wanted to check it at the shop. But my old was was fine in the original generator, but not this one. This is very frustrating. I think I will have to tell the client I can't groom the dog; then it finally runs. When I drive to the next client, it starts up faster and usually stays on for about an hour. It has gotten progressively fussier as the days go on. I just have to hope he fixes it completely Monday. You see, it needs to be tested for at least an hour with different things turned on. The A/C with the clipper, then the A/C with the dryer, or the wet/dry vac or recirc. I work alone so I don't ever use them all at the same time, but I should be able to recirc bathe a dog and clip at the same time, all with the A/C on. I also feel since I paid for a quite new Gen that I should not have to donate my other carborator without compensation. He is very fair and I know he will fix it eventually and maybe at least change my broken GFI plugs and maybe shorten my exhaust pipe and direct it up and out. It now bounces the exhaust on the cement and back up to the window. I wish I had two good inverters. One for equipment and another dedicated for the A/C. I will suggest maybe taking off the spark arrester. This gen is loud and some fussy clients want me to plug in instead. NO WAY!

    I tried to groom one of my own dogs this afternoon and it took at least five times to get it going, three to keep it going after I started clipping, then it stopped a few more times until it stayed on. I also think it isn't giving enough electrical power. My dryer is the Kool dry little blue one. Andis one speed clippers and the suction. Bathing Beauty, and a wet/Dry vac. and my Rooftop A/C. ONAN 6500 commercial grade they don't make anymore. Fits the space where the old one was. New ones don't fit.
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    Tell us the brand/size?
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      Onan 6500

      The original is about 12 yrs old and the new one is about the same age but only used I think for A/C for racing Greyhounds. It is a twin to mine. It is exactly like my old working one. The old one came with the conversion. It is a commercial Generator.
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