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My Dottie was attacked by the neighbors dog

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  • My Dottie was attacked by the neighbors dog

    Dottie is one of my Cairn Terriers. I have been working on her hair trying to get layers of growth so I can compete with her in September.

    My dogs were in the backyard and I heard a dog scream. I went running outside but couldn't see what had happened. My neighbor came over and asked if Dottie had come back home. He said his dog (a Great Dane) had stood over the fence and pulled Dottie over. Dottie is a jumper and she just snagged her at the top of her bounce.

    I found Dottie and coaxed her over to me. She was so freaked out, she would barely even come. I looked her over and I noticed some blood spots on her neck. There was only two but I was worried about where they were positioned and they looked pretty deep.

    The neighbor in the meantime has come over to the fence to see if she is ok. The other dogs were barking at him and he kept telling them to shut up and then he yells, "I HATE your dogs!" I ignored that.

    I took Dottie into my work and the doctors looked her over. The ended up shaving most of her neck. She has 8 pretty deep punctures. One of the punctures just barely missed her jugular. the doctor was worried it might have gotten her windpipe so they xrayed her and she was fine. Poor little thing is so freaked out.

    I guess I'm a little freaked out too. I was pretty close to loosing her.

    I am very glad that she is safe but HER POOR HAIR!

    Before anybody says anything, I can't report him because I have too many dogs. Animal Control knows I have that many dogs and they are fine because they know me and know I take care of my dogs, but if they receive a complaint that may not be so happy. But they also can't report me because I know stuff about them and I could report him, so we are at a standstill. We both have to put up with each other's ****.
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    So sorry about your girl. Can you install a hot wire at the top of the fence? That way, the next time A$$hat leans over for a bite, he'll get a big suprise.
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      Glad Dottie is okay, build a better fence between you and that neighbor. 6 ft privacy should do it. She should be a wooly worm come september. The guy was also freaked to say he hated your dogs if there has been no other trouble. Cairns can be a hand full as you well know, hope it all calms down for you.
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        Originally posted by odette View Post
        hope it all calms down for you.
        Thanks. Right after I got back from the clinic Nikko cut his pad on something. I couldn't find what happened. But he got a pretty good gash there. I just glued it up.
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          So you can't report her. Make a claim on her homeowner's insurance. LOL @ "asshat".
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            BTW, here is a gentle hug for beautiful Dottie. (((DOTTIE))) Give her a piece of cheddar & a pat on the head from Auntie Smart-n-Pretty.
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            "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
            People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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              Sounds like you are having a rough day! Sorry you have to deal with neighbors like that. I am glad Dottie is okay, and I am sure her hair will be back in shape by Sept. I love my 6 ft privacy fence. It was worth every penny!


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                Geez Key...I hope Dottie is feeling better! That is really scary! I kinda like the idea of a 6 foot privacy fence AND a hot wire!
                It's a real strain having neighbors like that. Good luck.
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                  Like they say - "Good fences make good neighbors".

                  Time to invest in a new fence. What with the one you currently have, you are frickin' lucky your dog isn't dead meat right now.


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                    Glad Dottie will be okay

                    We raised the height of our fence very economically by adding the premade lattice wood strip panels,at the back. It added a lot of height for cheap. and doesn't look hideous. Also good for growing sweet peas and the like. I'm afraid there might be more trouble if you don't seperate your dogs more from the situation.
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                      Poor Dottie, she should be safe within her own fenced yard. Glad she is going to be OK, that was a close one.

                      I'd run a strand of barbed wire around the top of the fence and maybe a low volt electric wire around the bottom perimeter of the inside of your fence so your guys cant get too close to the fence. That way you dont have to worry about him sticking his big head over or your guys getting too close to the fence to him. We had to run an low volt electric wire around the inside of our fence one time because we had an escape artist who liked to dig, the electic wire stopped them from getting close enough to the fence to tunnel out. I am so glad I dont have bad neighbors, I have heard horror stories about how ugly things can get between neighbors when there are bad feelings between them.


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                        For the benefit of both families of dogs it definitely sounds like a upgraded fence is needed. Not trying to start anything here, but I imagine that your Dottie might have helped instigate that attack by her bouncing and barking at the big lug next door. We all know how terriers can look in a mirror and think they are 6 ft tall and 200 lbs.

                        Did you and your neighbor have a decent relationship before this incident? If you did, I would try to patch things over w/him. I have had strained relations w/neighbors in the past and it's not fun. Perhaps you could approach him about things that the both of you can do so your dogs are safe from his dogs and so that your dogs aren't irritating his dogs (or him) by barking at them when they are outside. Maybe it's not even a problem, but I am thinking he must have an issue w/your dogs barking since he kept yelling at them to "shut-up" and then telling you he hated your dogs. If that IS a problem then you really need to try to address it. Nothing more aggravating than puttering in your yard and having the neighbors dogs barking non-stop at you. Maybe you could work out schedules or something when the dogs are outside so there isn't the possibility of another attack?????.................

                        I am so very glad that your Dottie will be okay and I hope that her coat is grown out for the competition. Give her a hug from SC for me!
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          First off, I am so sorry you have had this happen. We have quite a few dogs here ourselves, all rescues (actually the 'un-adoptable dogs) so ours are.. how shall i say this nicely... well the girls we work with usually refer to our 'babies' as the "Ones that ride the Short bus"...LOL it's ok with me.. all of ours are very dear to us. We have a cairn, 2 westies, a silky, a yorkie, 2 standard poodles & a bouvier. Of course it is our cairn & westies who 'start' things that get them all going in our back yard.
                          Our neighbors on one side moved. They had lived in their house for over 35 yrs. but they finally retired and moved. The couple who bought the house often 'baby sit' not only their grand-kids but also their grand dog... our poor fence ( it was a nice 4 foot cedar btu also close to 20 yrs old) was taking a real beating! I was terrified one of our kids would soon break through and there would be a huge fight and I also know our dogs wont give up. SO we got a new fence. IT is true.. good fences make good neighbors.

                          The suggestion of adding lattice to the top of an existing fence sounds really pretty! I also have a friend who had someone put on her fence 'flower boxes' and she just put in perenials. They look great! she has that little decoration that offers a 'block' on her side plus her neighbor thinks it nice because they get to see the plants on the top too.
                          What has happened .. it is done now. I am glad your baby is OK (as OK as she can be with a bite like that).. so.. now you can plan on what you want to do to prevent this issue again. IF you are really looking at possible 'conflicts' with a neighbor... look to see what you can do that protects you and prevents any 'feedback' from your neighbor. BY taking steps to protect BUT also adding property value, you are also blocking out your neighbor but leaving them with a nice view.. win win


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                            Get a taller fence . I hope Dottie is ok. I can't imagine living next door to a pack of yippy carins though.


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                              Originally posted by baddog View Post
                              I can't imagine living next door to a pack of yippy carins though.
                              Ha ha. No kidding, sometimes I yell at them to shut up. My dogs aren't too bad except when the neighbor dog rams the fence. That sends them into a frenzy.

                              I know they can be irritating, so the dogs are only in the backyard for less than two hours each day (more on my day off).

                              Last night my dad put a fence inside the fence, so there is a 5 foot gap. No more fishing Cairns from a barrel.
                              "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce