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You are all totally awesome!!!!

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  • You are all totally awesome!!!!

    I just wanted to take a moment to say how awesome I think you all are. I am so happy I found this community. I posted about needing some encouragment, as I am a student groomer and I'm just starting out in this whole world of grooming (at age 40!!!). I got the best replies, and I got the encouragement I needed. This board has been such a great source of education and inspiration. I come heare every day and read, read, read...and soak in all the great advice. I also get lots of laughs!!! So, thanks to all of you. I'm so happy to be here.

    ***one little there anyone else out there who started a grooming career at age 40 or older? Sometimes I feel like I might be too old to be starting this whole thing, since it's an occupation that really does take many years to perfect and grow. I guess I'm asking for just a little more encouragment!!! LOL!!!

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    As I said in another post about someone who was questioning their are only as old as you feel! The only thing that will hold you back from being a great 40 something groomer is the fear you are too old The power of the mind!
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      You go Girl!

      If you want it, you can do it.

      I learned to groom over 20 yrs ago. I gave it up and tried many other things before picking up the clippers again in my 40's. Everything was new again. It took me a few months to get into the groove again, but here I am, grooming 6-7 dogs a day by myself (more with a bather) and doing just fine. I do a few things differently now then when I was in my twenties - I am more careful to not strain my body and try to come up with ergonomically friendly ways to get my work done.
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        I am 48 and went to school last summer. I have a full time job but grooming parttime till I get enough customers to go full time. looking for a mobile unit that is not too pricey to start out with. I love it. I did get all my ducks in a row, like insurance and LLC and such, so I am all legal, I had to put a few bucks out in the meantime. I like being my own boss and I am learning alot on my own and with this communtity. Lots of Luck to you


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          Im 32,I kind of felt like I was too old too lol!!! !but Im still getting carded for anything so I can pretend to be a little younger cant I ?
          im trying to get my mom into grooming as well ,she hates her job and loves little animals like I do,maybe one day we can have a shop of our own together.I agree with the your only as old as you feel saying. i wouldnt worry about it at all!!!!!


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            I have been grooming for less than 1 year and I turned 50 in January. I have to say this first year has been hard on the old body but I love it. I probably have another hard year coming up because I am working as a groomer at a kennel and starting my own business at the same time.
            The advice you get on here is the best!!! You will learn who to take notice to when they post.

            My advice is be aware of what you are capable of doing and don’t push it too fast. Your strength will build up as you go along. Protect your wrist, arms, back and fingers. Do some free grooms for your friends so you can experiment. Most importantly enjoy what you are doing.


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              I had the same thoughts run through my head when I started learning to groom, at the age of 40 something.
              I got fed up with the one job I was working at and decided I'd call a pet/grooming shop and ask if they needed a brusher/bather. I had done that for years (when I was way younger). I had no intentions of becoming a groomer when the boss hired me.
              Within just a month or two the boss asked me if I wanted to learn to groom. Told her I wasn't really interested in it. Maybe when I was younger but not anymore. She didn't listen too me and started teaching me. I've never regretted it......even when I went to bed so sore and tired I could hardly move.
              I'm now in my very early 60's and still loving it.
              Go for won't regret it if it is something that you really want to do.
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                I wasin my early 30's whenI started , I ached like he!! , but would'nt give up, now I am ahem,coff..50 something and work smarter, if this is what you want go for it,like everyonesaid protect your body, bad behaved dogs are not worth it, neither are bad behaved humans! lol
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                  started in my mid 40's and have been grooming for 4 years. watch how your scheduling, I have found 8 dogs a day can kill my back. had some surgeries within the last year and half, and have decided no more new big dogs, no more oay dogs, the pain in the rear big dogs no longer come, so leaving me with only 9 big dogs (that are easy) lots of med. and small dogs keep me booked up 5 to 6 days a week. my husband teases me that I will grooming out of our travel trailer for extra money when we retire. the extra income if my fun money.