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Ok, here is my predicament (kinda long, sorry)

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    A lot of questions to answer, lol. But I will try...

    I did not schedule my appointments, the assistants did. He never even gave me the option of having my own phone. At one point I was going to get my own phone, and schedule them myself because they absolutely sucked at scheduling them how I wanted them to be scheduled. I told them I wanted to do that, then was told I shouldn't because people schedule a lot of them when they are there at the clinic for a vet appointment.

    I picked my own days, yes. But on days I had crossed off, sometimes I would still be called in. Due to people not paying attention to my x's.

    The clients paid the clinic, the only thing that would go directly to me was tips. Every two weeks I would make a list of the pets I groomed and give it to the dr, and he would then cut me a check. A personal check. He was very strict on doing it the exact days the other employees were paid.

    The dr. paid for half the shampoos, but didn't want to help me with anything else, even after telling me in the interview that he would help me.

    The thing that bothers me is that I had to wait for HIS employee to use the tub. Waited around for more than 10-15 minutes.


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      Ok with that info you were and employee and it sound like the vet just didn't want to mess with taxes. If he 1099 you he was in the wrong. He should have been covering your insurance and worker's comp along with paying in to unemployment and SS. You should contact an accountant and see what you can do. Plus your state should have a worker's comp department that you could see if he carries his insurance through the state. Not to mention if you were let go you would be able to collect unemployment.

      Don't just let this go. This vet is trying to save money at your expense.

      Good luck.
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        contact work mans comp they have to cover you even if you were paid commission only in fact your employer should have made an incident report as soon as this happened so it would have been covered from the start.Unless you are and IC (rent space) even if you are 1099 you ARE an employee if he writes your pay check.


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          So you are an employee. He owes you half the taxes you already paid for the time you were there, medical expenses & half the cost of shampoo. Do you have any check stubs from him or proof he paid you? I mean can you get the account # of his bank? Have you cashed his last paycheck to you yet? If not, photocopy it because it will scare the **** out of his accountant.
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            I strongly advise that you get an attorney!!!! This sounds so wrong in so many ways!!!!


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              Contact your bank and get copies of ALL checks you recieved from this vet, and do not forget the irs will be interested, if you are in the clear with them. go to them also. I had to report an employer once, it was'nt bad. They where very helpful in getting me what I was owed. Keep us posted, and lots of luck, good fortune coming your way.
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                Originally posted by baddog View Post
                just curious...if a client writes a check are they writing it out to your business name or the clinics? Does the front desk staff schedule your appts? DO you have your own phone number?? If not you are not an IC
                I agree with Baddog. Another thing, you were told to finish the cat? If so then you are an employee. A true IC sets their own hours and appt's and what they will do or finish.

                I wouldn't talk to the vet's accountant, I would just go to the IRS and to the DEPT of Labor in your state. I think the vet is pulling a fast one on you and is banking on you not being knowledgeable enuf to do anything.

                If you do owe back taxes the Irs will work with you on a payment plan. No reason to be afraid.


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                  I just can't believe this is over $125 !


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                    Originally posted by baddog View Post
                    I just can't believe this is over $125 !
                    I was thinking the same thing. MUST be more to it on his end at least in his mind.
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