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Should I stay or go???

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  • Should I stay or go???

    The place I currently work p/t is in a pet store ( non corp). They gave me a job right out of school, which I am gratefull for. The owner, and store mgr are non groomers, have no clue what we do, plus I have to deal with store clerks who think they are in charge of the groomers. Their policy is walk-ins are welcome, we never turn a dog down before 3 pm. Most of the dogs are #7's all over, nothing fancy. My grooming skills have exceeded the leads groomers, and some days I am embarresed at what walks out the door. I work by myself 2 days a week and have built up a cliental of people who like the way I groom their dogs. I actually fluff dry, use combs and do haircuts instead of shave downs. We have a new owner, who says he has plans to upgrade grooming, so far we have a new grooming room, but they drug all our old tattered equipment to the new room. Plus he wants 2 shifts and he wants 2 groomers there at all times. Currently we only have enought business for 1 full time groomer , and me , the p/timer. I do housecall the other days, which they are ok with, and don't see it as a conflict. Tuesday, I got so mad I almost walked out, the store clerk answers our phone 1/2 the time, makes appts, then dosen't tell us. I had an appt for a very matted shih, hadn't had a haircut in 2 years. He called to ask if it was ok to change his appt from 9 am untill 1pm, was told yea, but nobody ever bothered to tell me...... If I leave and go to another shop, I will have to start all over again and build up request dogs, if I stay I'm stuck with the crazies. Today I only did 2 dogs, (the new groomer got 3 dogs and they looked like ****, we only had a total of 7 dogs between 3 groomers. ) Should I give it more time, and see if things get better, the new guy is starting to advertise, or jump ship. My personal goal is to build up my housecall, take early retirement in 6 years, and only work part time for myself. I'm so confused!!!! I truely feel this place will always be what it is now. I guess it's a fear of the unknown, I'm scared to stay and scared to leave,,,,any words of wisdom????

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    I can't tell you what's right for you but...

    You need to be proud of what you do and where you are. If you groom well and your clients love you they will follow you if you leave. I left my previous job for the same reason (among many other messed up things). I just couldn't allow my clients to believe that I supported inferior grooming and an utter lack of professionalism. I now groom out of my home and at least half of the clients I had before have followed or found me. I am also getting tons of business from my old shop that weren't my requests (its apparently going even further down hill). So if you feel its right to leave don't be scared, your clients will follow you. Just advertise with your full name and picture so your clients can find you, they will follow.
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      I recently left my pet store grooming job (corp though) and what I did was write a list of all the pros and cons. It really helped me see what I wold be gaining and giving up. Also, Rudyroo is right. Some clients will go to whatever means it takes to find you. Others won't, but you'll add new ones to take their place.


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        Itgm is right, also their reputation will wear off on you! You need todo what is good for you, if the new owner is'nt willing tolisten and change how grooming is run you wo'nt have much choice .
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          You already know the answer to your question.



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            If you want to stay.

            It's a hard place to be. If you can afford the change then do. Have you tried talking to the store owners? Maybe educate them on how a grooming area that's run well can really increase their in store business. I worked in a small scale corp store as the grooming manager and it was hard to deal with people who don't know the business. Also keep in mind that the new owner may have put up a lot of money to get the store it will take time to build up new equipment he may not have the cash to do it all at once. Try suggesting he attend a trade show with you, or expose him to tools that will make the grooming area more productive. Of course this is if you want to stay there. They aren't going to know that your unhappy if you don't talk to them. Maybe ask the other groomer if she belongs to this board let her know how much you can learn from the folks here, share your techniques. Try to make life easier on yourself if they're not interested and only in it for the pay check then you'll have to let that go and decide what your next move is.

            I will say that sometimes the stress you have at a job can ruin how you feel about yourself don't let that happen find a better shop and move on..
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              Thanks for the input. I have talked to the mrg untill I'm blue in the face, with no sucess. I get told by the head groomer I "have" to pre-cut a dog that is getting a hand scissor or comb cut???? That wet shaving will ruin my blades,, etc,,,, The place is about 30 mins from my house, in another county, so I doubt anyone will follow me. Staying just because I am attached to my regular dogs is not in my best interest. Guess I've been thinking with my heart, not my head.


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                You do the scheduling

                Dear RudyRoo,

                When someone who does not know about grooming schedules you it is the blind leading the blind that will get you in a bind. We keep records of the pet and his behavior and schedule appropriately. My and my employee’s safety and wellbeing is more important then one or two dogs.

                We have a written schedule that has slots to fill for uneducated receptionists otherwise we schedule the rest. I can send you ours but you need to make one that fits your needs. Just because a client wants it now or at a particular time if there is not a slot the receptionist can't schedule it until the next week.

                If your manager or owner does not understand that correct scheduling will make them more money and cause less incidents then they are not real managers so the answer would be leave them high and dry but I think you could come up with solutions that would help both of you. Even in most Corp shops the head groomer sets the schedule.

                Good Luck and Godspeed,



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                  You have to go with your gut!
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                    [QUOTE=RudyRoo;394693],, The place is about 30 mins from my house, in another county, so I doubt anyone will follow me. Do'nt believe that for a minute! We all have clients travel long distances to use oer services, I have people travel 40 miles each way, and are thrilled to find some one that gets what they want. Do not sell yourself short.
                    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                      I "have" to pre-cut a dog that is getting a hand scissor or comb cut???? That wet shaving will ruin my blades,
                      do we work at the same place?? :P
                      (i'm going through the same thing right now the manager (who has never touched scissors to a dog) 'talks down' everything i try to do to be better and argues with me over everything, while the other groomer is sent from above even though she does many things wrong to!!)
                      Hope you figure out what is best for you, and that you will be happier in the end!!


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                        Originally posted by RudyRoo View Post

                        I get told by the head groomer I "have" to pre-cut a dog that is getting a hand scissor or comb cut???? That wet shaving will ruin my blades,, etc,,,, .
                        Balderdash. I wash everything first and wet shave all the time. I do it to save my blades from being sand-papered by the dirt in the unwashed coats. My blades are in pristine condition. You just have to be sure to clean and oil them immediately after you finish the shave.

                        I guess I am lucky - the gal I work with doesn't give a hang how you do what you do as long as the dog gets done and looks good. When I started there she had never even heard of wet shaving and was floored the first time I threw a dirty, matted dog in the tub without stripping it first - then clipped it wet.

                        Now she wet shaves, too.


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                          You said there's a new -educate- him! If there's one thing I learned from working at a vet hospital where no one knows all the hard work and effort that goes into grooming, it's that I can't just EXPECT the people I work for to know what I need! You HAVE to at least give them a chance by sitting down and laying out exactly what's wrong with the current situation and EXACTLY what you need. Put it in writing, including an example schedule, and give them copies so that you have hard copy proof of what you told them. What do you have to lose if you're already thinking of leaving anyways? I know it's hard to confront your boss, but keep in mind that the people you work for can't read your mind and are probably so absorbed in their own issues that they're not going to read your body language!