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Be Sure to Keep Your Browsers and Computers Patched

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  • Be Sure to Keep Your Browsers and Computers Patched

    For security it is always important to keep your computer patched with updates. Microsoft releases patches several times a month. JAVA releases them somewhat frequently too, as well as Macromedia Flash. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox get patches regularly. Often it is for security, but message boards can use the latest technology, especially JAVA. Here's how to get patches and updates if you are not getting automatic updates, which you can setup.

    Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer browsers.

    Get online with your Internet Explorer browser running. There is a browser menu along top of window with FILE-EDIT-VIEW-FAVORITES-TOOLS-HELP. Click TOOLS, click WINDOWS UPDATE and follow instructions. This will update your operating system and browser both, and can even be setup to update other programs like MS Office.


    This is an important one. Social sites use JAVA, sometimes a lot. Go to and they will run a program to see if you have the latest JAVA.


    Open Firefox browser. Click HELP, click CHECK FOR UPDATES. Follow instructions.

    We cleared up a couple members having problems with a feature just by having them update their computer programs. Some had not done patches in a year or two. That's really unsafe. At least once a month is the rule since most updates are security oriented, but some do affect languages that sites like this use, especially "forms" (each message is a form).
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