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how long did it take to get your jodi murphy dvds???

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  • how long did it take to get your jodi murphy dvds???

    I know im impatient but I cant help it! my friend let me borrow one of hers I loved it ordered mine and now Im just waiting-I ordered 3 on sundday night then started thinking I wanted another one I couldnt decide on the first time so I ordered 2 more wednesday.Please dont say anything like 6 weeks Ill explode!!!!!

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    Please don't explode. Jodi wouldn't like that. I'm sure you will get them any day as long as she is not out of town.


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      I've ordered from Jodi a few times. She usually ships really fast. The only time it took longer than a week was when she was at a show and was not in town.


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        I had ordered from her several times and I seem to remember it taking under a week.
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          Usually around a week. I've ordered them a lot, she is very good about getting them out as soon as possible. She's very professional, especially in that sense.

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