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    I have two standard poodles on Tuesday and I am so excited!!! I have asked my boss not to schedule me for any more grooms on that day so I can take my time. I have groomed the smaller poodles and lots of poodle mixes but this is my first opportunity to groom standards. They are getting kennel clips with mustaches.
    Any words of wisdom or encouragement from the pros?

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    I'm just a measly ol Brusher bather but we do have our fair share of Standard Poodles. My advice would be that I dry them with the dryer for a loooonnng time. Almost getting them totally dry and streight before I put them on the table to be finished.

    Have fun and good luck.


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      I am hoping that they are in good shape so I can practice my scissoring before I have to clip them back.


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        although they are getting a kennel clip depending on the desired length the client wants what I do is use one blade length longer on the legs than I use on the body for the hind legs I switch to longer at the hocks this gives a slightly fuller look but still short without making the dog look like hes walking on sticks.I aslo strongly suggest doing a pre-bath rough cut this will give you a better smoother look in the finish cut.for the finish cut I do not use the clippers on the legs for a 2nd time instead comb the hair upwards to fluff it then a gentle shake so it stands natural then scissor any hairs that stick out of place. with a little practice even with this type of trimming you will have the opportunity to fine tune those scissoring skills.